Another Iron Fist Field Trip

Nine of Tradition’s bravest met for an Iron Fist beatdown including a few pain stations, a field trip to YHC’s favorite place (the Haunted Daycare), and a sit down at the cement wall of fury. Weather conditions were great for a beatdown (47 degrees, no wind or precipitation).

It went a little something like this:

Mosey to Outback
Warm Up:
Cotton Picker X15IC
Windmill X10IC
Shoulder stretch
Arm Circles forward and backward
Hamstring stretch
Low Slow Squats X10IC

The Thang:
Grab a cinder block.

10 CB Burpees then straight into 4 corners of pain:

Round 1:
CB Squats X15 OYO, walk to corner #2 w/ CB overhead
CB Curls X15 OYO, walk to corner #3 w/ CB straight out at chest level and hold
CB Merkins X15 OYO, walk to corner #4 w/ CB overhead
CB Clean and Press X15 OYO, walk to corner #1 w/ CB straight out at chest level and hold **YHC Almost forgot this pain station after explaining it to the Pax. Good catch, Dutch!

Round 2:
CB Shoulder Press X15 OYO, walk to corner #2 w/ CB overhead
CB Sumo Squat X15 OYO, walk to corner #3 w/ straight out at chest level and hold
CB Chest Press X15 OYO, walk to corner #4 w/ CB overhead (YHC spared Maximus from having to do these in the wet grass).
CB Lawnmower Pulls X10 each arm

Mosey to Cement Wall of Fury w/ CB.

WWII Situps w/ CB X15 OYO
Pullovers w/ CB X15 OYO

Mosey to haunted day care w/ CB.
8-2, 2-8 ladder w/ CB Burpees at bottom of hill and Carolina Dry Docks at top, quadraphelia (sp?) up the hill w/ CB in between.

Mosey to the Cement Wall of Fury w/ for People’s Chair w/ CB Shoulder Presses X10 IC

Mosey back to outback and drop off CB’s.
20 Dips
10 Pullups

Mosey to parking lot for Mary:



1) It was an honor to lead this morning, men. Thanks for following me.
2) Great work by everyone today. Tough one, but you all fought through it!
3) @Dick Tracy – It’s awesome to see your progress. Way to push yourself this morning. #KEEPGETTINGSTRONGER
4) @Maxims – Are you turning into Pharoah and not wanting to get you clothes dirty???
5) @Mario & @Finnegan – You guys tore up the burpee/dry dock ladder. Great job guys!!
6) @Triple Threat – Way to fight through the pain of the burpee/dry dock ladder!
6) Mark your calendars- Tradition family gathering will be on Saturday, May 9th. More details to come.

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5 thoughts on “Another Iron Fist Field Trip

  1. Dick Tracy

    Great workout, @Buckwheat. Just when I thought about staying in the fartsack, this is exactly what I needed.

  2. Maximus_MECA

    Thanks for a great beatdown Buckwheat. Winter’s over – no more excuses about getting wet or cold. Buckwheat Q wherever you want to Q – no limits – you are a great Q – rain, mud, wet grass, puddles, haunted day care – no more mumble chatter questions – I can handle it and so can my washing machine!

  3. Dutch

    Buckwheat great beat down – always fun to play frogger w/ Cinders across that street…you look hard core
    – but you buckled like a cheap lawn chair when mighty maximus complained about getting his stylish and slimming outfit wet… so perhaps really a softy underneath… or respecting our respect ho can knockout 90 yes 90 merkins!
    Maximus Merkins should be his new name!

  4. The Farm

    I remember when Pharaoh destroyed the merkins during the Airforce PFT. I asked him how he was able to do so many and he said, “you get stronger with age.” The Respects are definitely proving that to be true!

  5. Maximus_MECA

    @Dutch – thank you for the ongoing compliments on my attire. I’d be happy to advise where I got the gear if you’d like. You can wear it both at workouts and perhaps at the firepit with your M some romantic evening when your 2.0’s are out of the house. It could accentuate her previous compliments on your pudge is gone and your increased endurance! Who knows what will happen??

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