The B.O.W.B. Floor to Shelf Beatdown

After calling out The Pax last night on Twitter to come if they dare, YHC almost didn’t make it to his own workout. 4:30 alarm, check. Snooze button, ERR alarm off by accident, check. 5:08 wake up on own, check. Oh snap, it’s time to get dressed and roll out! Good thing I had my bells in the car and my weinke in a ziplock. I zoomed into the Tradition parking lot with three minutes to spare and a few Pax were there to greet me. There were some empty cars in the lot belonging to those who were scared and went to the Highlands for a SPEED workout. It’s been raining for four days, so it was nice and wet in the parking lot. The #Respect crew asks if we can workout under the carport. YHC thought about allowing a Pax mutiny, but quickly changed his mind during our warmup mosey around the parking lot as it just so happened to stop raining. Big Old Wet Balls sound much more fun than Big Old Metal Balls…. Things went a little something like this:

Mosey Around Parking Lot

COP for Warmup:
Windmill X15IC
Cotton Pickers X15IC
Arm Circles forward and backward

Mosey to Outback for 10 Pullups and 10 incline merkins on the picnic tables.

Mosey back to parking lot for COP. YHC finds his weinke and Mr. Belding, an F3 veteran, asks “what did you call it?” My response: “my weinke, but I’m not sure why they call it that….” Since Mr. Belding is an educator and I didn’t want to be punished to after school detention, I decided to check the F3 Lexicon when I got home to find out why it is called a weinke. Here you go, Mr. Belding: “Weinke: A Q’s write-up of his workout that he takes with him. Inspired by the giant wristband of plays Chris Weinke had to wear because he couldn’t even keep a quarterback sneak straight in his head.”

The Thang:
KB Swing X 15 OYO, Repeato
KB Squat X 15 OYO, Repeato
KB Floor to Shelf Right to Left X15 OYO – Q audible, No Repeato here
KB Windmill X15 Right Arm OYO
KB Biceps Curl X 15 OYO
KB Triceps Extension X 15 OYO
KB Chest Press X15 OYO
KB Shoulder Press X15 OYO
KB Upright Row X15 OYO
KB Derby Double Taps X15

Mosey around the parking lot for a cool down
Repeato of above, minus the KB Swings and KB Squats, since we already did 30 of each…
KB Floor to Shelf Left to Right X15 OYO
KB Windmill X15 Left Arm Extended OYO – Q Audible #2, CANCEL THAT Looked a lot easier on the internet…..
KB Biceps Curl X 15 OYO
KB Triceps Extension X 15 OYO
KB Chest Press X15 OYO
KB Shoulder Press X15 OYO
KB Upright Row X15 OYO
KB Derby Double Taps X15

Mosey around the parking lot. Finished a few minutes earlier than expected, so lets do some more KB exercises.
KB Lawnmower Pull X15 each arm (Survivor Request)
KB Calf Raises X15 OYO
KB Sumo Squats X15 OYO

Pretzel Crunch X10 each side
Low Flutter X15IC
Low Dolly X15IC

And we’re done and I mean spent.

-This was one of those that looked much easier on paper than it actually was. The workout called for 15 reps of each exercise and then repeato immediately. After doing Swings and Squats, I realized that wasn’t going to be possible for me at least.
-Thought I’d try to incorporate a couple of new exercises. The KB windmill was a bit awkward, especially with the left arm extended. That is going to take some practice to get use to. However, I liked the Floor to Shelf exercise.
-Thanks for the opportunity to lead today men, enjoyed it as always!
-Great work by everyone this morning. Way to push yourselves. I’m hoping the lack of mumble chatter means that you were too tired to talk, I know I was spent at the end!
-We are in talks to do an F3 Mother’s Day family celebration on Saturday, May 9th. Anyone interested in planning this event should reach out to Prison Fruit as it was his idea. There is a pre-planning gathering, over beer of course, scheduled for 6:30PM tomorrow night at Prison Fruit’s house. Address: 9907 Eagles Field Court, Charlotte, NC. Anyone interested shoud BYOB and a camping chair.

3 thoughts on “The B.O.W.B. Floor to Shelf Beatdown

  1. Maximus_MECA

    Great job Buckwheat! Appreciate your making the rain stop so we only had to contend with finding spots to workout in the parking lot that were not puddles. Great new exercises that you incorporated in. Stretched us a lot.

    1. Buckwheat Post author

      Thanks @Maximus_MECA. Sorry I wasn’t able to make the puddles go away too… R2D2 mentioned something about his back gurgling at one point and Mr. Belding thought he was avoiding the puddles, but quickly learned that it was a mirage in the gloom.

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