Just “a bit of running”…….

Strong PAX of 9 assembled in the misty gloom & engaged in some KB work along with a bit of running.


(20) SSH


(15) IST



Partner Up- partner one does KB exercise while partner two sprints to 25 yard marker to do secondary exercise, switch, then repeat circuit @ 50/75/100 yards. Secondary reps in descending order of 20/15/10/5. Going for 250 partner reps of each KB exercise or to complete circuit *whichever comes 1st. (*audible to complete circuit & let reps come in wherever they fell)

Crossover Arnolds → SSH (team, # of KB reps) (177, 172, 178, 180)

Goblet Squats → Mericans (team, # of KB reps) (209, 202, 220, 233)

OYS Chest Press → Mountain Climbers (team, # of KB reps) (376, 436, 359, 400)

Outhouse Curls → Mericans (team, # of KB reps) (250, 298, 330, 227)

Total KB Reps by Team: 1012, 1108, 1087, 1040 for a PAX total of 4247 (+100 SSH, 200 Mericans, 100 Mtn Climbers team reps)


(20) Reverse Crunch

*hold, directly into next exercise*

(15) Low Dolly

(20) LBC → hold in crunch up position, knee smeller

–recover, recover—



1. Proved once again that it always looks better on paper.

2. @Casper is a rep count beast, good work sir!

3. The duo of @Nacho Libre & @Coppertone bested us all. For being “newbies” to KB Fridays you guys really brought it today, TCLAPS!! Hope to have you back out.

4. In case you haven’t heard @ScheduleC has some doom in the gloom planned for next Tuesday, don’t miss it!

5. Always pushes me to keep up with @Clueless, @Tumbler & @Gamma, Thank you guys for the hard work week after week. ISO!


5 thoughts on “Just “a bit of running”…….

  1. Schedule C

    Brutal downPAINment this morning. Nothing but work to keep up with all the other pax. Strong lead!

    (Psst, you left me off the pax list. Up there ^ )

    1. RibShack Post author

      Yeah, caught that right away. Had 9 total so that was my target but I had Riblet 2x. You should be included now.

  2. Clueless

    Nice lead @RibShack! Good thing I wore my KB/Running shoes… definitely winded.

    Strong work by all. Way to keep pushing.

  3. Casper

    Very challenging beat down in the gloom @ribshack. Was hoping to have an easy day in the legs, by 5:35 or so, knew that was not going to happen. Hard time getting out of chair all day. Downside of being WD?

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