Six men started the day with some fast footwork at Hickory Ridge Middle School track.

This is how it went:

1600m warm-up

Six 800m repeats with two minute recovery

800m cool-down


Thanks for the opportunity to lead this workout, men…always impressed with the level of effort.

@JackieChiles – great to see you out for this workout…good push on all the repeats

@PappaJohn – you’re quickly becoming a regular…keep it up….you’ll get faster, and stronger

@SoloCup … really strong kick at the end on the first and last repeatsĀ  … lots of reserve energy!

@Hootie…good to see you out for a weekday workout…you raised the level of mumble chatter close to the @Dredd level

@BBQ & @Hootie … good back and forth up front….not sure who won that duel on the last repeat…looked like a photo finish from my vantage point

Here’s the link to the interval pace chart which gives some correlation between interval repeat times and targeted race times …

3 thoughts on “Footloose

  1. Hootie

    Minnow – good lead and even better card stock. Impressive. I’ve come to expect only the finest from you and you didn’t disappoint today.

    JC & PJ – good hustle out there today. Love the effort. Come on out tomorrow AM at 0600 to get some more. You’re ready. #BullRun

    Solo – I’m glad you got to see me this morning but I’m still trying to figure out that rainbow warrior panty you had on your head. Whatever it takes I guess. Good news is you outran Banjo again. Morning mist must have been more than he could handle.

    BBQ – my mother taught me long ago that I shouldn’t say anything if I didn’t have anything nice to say. I don’t. So I won’t.

    With a little love…

  2. BanjoBoy

    Always a lot of talk from the Silver Sneakers club. I’m comfortable taking a day off offer 3 posts. Might even take two. Boo ya.

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