Partner-up Extravaganza

11 of the Faithful entered the soggy gloom to get the day started off right. With a sopping-wet field and no lights for the prison yard, it was going to be questionable, at best. But, after a proper disclaimer, we were off.

The Thang

Mosey to Haunted Daycare, with warm-ups on the way (SSH, IST, Windmill, Slow Squats)

After Man Down harassed #Tradition pax from afar, we partnered up for the following:

Partner 1 crab walks down the hill (ouch), then backwards runs up the hill, while Partner 2 does burpees. Flapjack & Repeato.

Mosey to the Wall, where partners combine for 50 muscle ups (I had planned for one partner to be doing WWII’s here, but that grass just looked too wet… you’re welcome)

Line up at the field. P1 Lunge walks to mid-line, while P2 performs groiners. When P1 reaches mid-line, flapjack. Once both partners are at mid-line, P1 crawl-bears the rest of the way, up the hill (ouch), while P2 performs squats. Once P1 reaches top of the hill, flapjack.

Next, plank see-saws for 1 minute (P1 holds bottom of merican position as long as possible, while P2 holds top position. When P1 goes up, P2 goes down as long as possible. Continue till time is called).

Over to the dimly-lit prison yard. P1 does 4-point suicides, while P2 does 1-legged calf raise. Flapjack and repeato.

One more minute of plank see-saws, followed by another round of suicides (other partner performs superstar/starburst/starfish/#whateveritscalled)

Mosey to gun range for 10 pull-ups and 20 dips. Then circle back to check-in for Mary (Freddie Mercury, Reverse Crunch, Low Dolly/Low Flutter/ Rosalita medley, Mason Twist)

The Squishy Moleskin

– Strong work by all out there. I like the partner-focused work, because I feel like it pushes you to finish faster, knowing your partner is suffering burpees until you return…

– I say I came up with the plank see-saw, but it’s basically a 2-man circle merk (via @Skipper). Plank see-saw sounds a little less weird though…

– TClaps to Axe Effect for doing what he can with what he’s got (namely, a broken arm…)


– Next Tuesday’s bootcamp (the 21st), Precinct pax will meet at Tradition for a convergence for the Navy PT test.

– The funeral for Forgotten Jelly’s step-mom is tomorrow; continue to surround him with prayer and encouragement

– Plug for the Saturday bootcamp at Mallard Creek Park. A few of the Precinct pax have been posting lately, and it’s always a good time.

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Cor. 12.9) May we live today relying on God’sĀ grace to carry us in our weakness.

6 thoughts on “Partner-up Extravaganza

  1. GentleGrizzly

    Nice Job Trail Mix! I still would have driven to the Tradition if I knew we were running almost there, haha. @Iron Wolf – great job man, enjoyed the partnership.

  2. Skipper

    @TrailMix – Looks like a fun one today! Great turnout for a chilly, wet gloom. Sorry I missed, but I headed to #Highlands to check on a couple EHs of mine. Well done with the Plank See-Saws! #needthreeforcirclemerk

  3. Chicken Strip

    The Tradition pax were in the Outback (Blind Date petitioned for the name to be changed to the Wet Lands) when we could hear Man Down yelling, but I couldn’t make out what taunts he was sending our way.

    1. Man Down

      Those weren’t taunts. They were words of encouragement. My taunts would’ve made you cry like a little girl baby.

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