5k + another 1.28 miles on TAX DAY

7 Harrisburg men and 1 F3 furry friend beat the rain and did our bodies good with a 4.4 mile jaunt through the hills of Harrisburg. The shovel flag was planted by Clueless and off we went.


15 SSH, 15 IST’s, 15 Windmills

The Thang

At ones own pace mosey from Town Hall down Main to end, r onto 49S, meet up @ gas station on corner of Morehead and 49S, 10 burpees, 10+ air squats till our 8th runner arrived. Own pace mosey on Morehead to corner of Rocky River Crossing Road and Morehead, 10 burpees, 10+ air squats till our 8th runner arrives. Rocky River Crossing to R onto Roberta to sidewalk in front of Carillon Assisted Living, 10 burpees, 10+ air squats till our 8th runner arrived. Cross Roberta, Carl Parmer Dr. to R onto Kee Lane back to where we started 45 minutes earlier.



1. As always, a pleasure having the opportunity to lead this bunch through the ups and downs of Harrisburgs roads.
2. 4.4 likes and from talking with a few others, with more time, we could have matched that distance. Man, we are getting good!
3. When running in the dark, do wear white. Closer than what Solo Cup and I would have liked car turning in to get their biscuits in front of Hardee’s this morning. Gotta watch for the other guy.
4. Great chatter between all this morning. Makes the run that much easier.
5. Kudos as always to Dixie. Makes running in that leash look so effortless. Have any of you ever tried to run on a leash?………….ok, probably asking for more than I need to know.
6. “Winning isn’t getting ahead of others. It’s getting ahead of yourself.” – Roger Staubach

4 thoughts on “5k + another 1.28 miles on TAX DAY

  1. Schedule C

    Awesome time this morning out running in the spring weather. Got to hang with Ribshack and Jackie Child’s. Just a really great morning with some quality 2nd F. Aye!

  2. SoloCup

    To paraphrase Jules from Pulp Fiction:

    “Normally, they would have been dead as fried chicken, but they happen to pull that stunt while I’m in a transitional period so I didn’t wanna kill them, I wanna help them.”

    I did consider going through the Drive Thru and briefly explaining the concept of pedestrian right of way, while standing on the hood of their car and kicking in their windshield… I decided to say a prayer for them instead.

  3. BanjoBoy

    Good one @casper. I hate adding burpeees to a run.

    I’m glad that @solocup had a moment of clarity even if he did let someone pass him. #carwins. He did outrun me this AM…

  4. Casper Post author

    Appreciate the comroderie this morning. Glad we still have Solo Cup, from a with us physically and not in jail for destruction of property and assault standpoint. Schedule C, glad you clarified after nearly 2 years of F3ing that you aren’t an accountant as I was gabbing about taxes and tax day in the morning air.

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