Mile-Sprints-Mile – Oh my!

8 Pax gathered this morning, some still dressing as they arrived and another on #Stoli time.

The Thang:
A warm-up mosey around the middle school lot into the bus lot and down to the 200 meter track. After a few leg stretches the Pax paired up and prepared for the 2 mile partner run with each member running 200 meters and then tagging their partner who completes the loop until 16 laps are finished. Goal was to complete under 12 minutes or 10 burpee penalty would be assessed to Pax for each team that didn’t meet the time. Times ranged from 10:18 – 10:45 for the 4 teams.

Mosey to end of parking lot where cones awaited the Pax (#Stoli inspired).

First run – sprint 30 yards out, 10 yards slide step, 10 yard backpedal, 5 mericans and sprint 40 yards back. Complete 4 times.

Second run – 20 yard sprint 10 forward/back hops, 20 yard sprint 10 side to side hops, 20 yard sprint 10 forward/back hops, 20 yard sprint 10 side to side hops, 20 yard sprint 10 jump squats and sprint 100 yards back to start.

Third Run – divide into A/B groups. Group A sprints 100 yards up and back, then sprints 50 yards completes 10 starburst jumps and sprints 50 yards back. Group B sprints 50 yards completes 10 starburst jump and sprints back then sprints 100 yards up and back.

Fourth Run – 20 yard forward sprint, 10 yard backpedal and continue pattern until you reach the 100 yard mark.

Mosey to Shelley Lane – Each pax chose a time to complete the firehouse loop in and set off in staggered times to allow the fastest member to track down the earlier starters.

Finished with a #Kato led stretching circle. (A little more of that needed in Highlands based on how far away toes were from hands when told to grab them.)

T-claps to Chowder/Frodo for setting the 2 mile fastest laps (even with #Chowder announcing upon arrival he wasn’t going to try due to a little Mud Run action tomorrow). #Pharoah (our only #Respect today) was dropping the hammer although his mumblechatter claimed he was winded (#notbuyingit). #Frodo was the chaser on the final mile run and made me realize I needed more cushion – not sure who thought the final mile run was a good idea going up Shelley and into the wind. Good to see #Trail Mix and #Pharoah from Tradition and #Kato from Rolling Stone make the trek over. Always a pleasure to workout with this group!

3 thoughts on “Mile-Sprints-Mile – Oh my!

  1. Trail Mix

    Good stuff, Dropcloth. I’ve been wanting to check out this workout for a few weeks now, and today definitely did not disappoint. Hope to make it back soon, and hopefully bring a few friends with me…

    1. Pavarotti

      Welcome, Trail Mix. It was good partnering up with you and do bring some friends next time.

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