Kettlebells and then some

5 Harrisburg Iron Faithful got some kettlebell work in this morning… along with some strong core strengthening. Shovel Flag was planted and the beat down went like this:

Warmup: Short mosey to end of lot and back, SSH (IC) x10, IST (IC) x10, Windmill (IC) x10, Merkin (IC) x10

Thang: Curb to curb ladders on even # climb (2-4-6-8-10)

  • SET 1 – Merkins w/ Cross-Over (ladder), forward run travel, 10 Air Squats on other side, backward run travel
  • Superset – 12 Hammer Curls, 12 Overhead Tri Ext, 12 Hammer Curls, 12 Overhead Tri Ext
  • SET 2 – Snatch and Press (ladder), Bear Crawl travel, 10 Jump Squats, Crawl Bear travel
  • Superset – 12 Side Squats, 12 Dead Lifts, 12 Side Squats, 12 Dead Lifts
  • SET 3 – Merkin with Side Row (ladder), Lunge Walk travel (with or without bells), 10 Mtn Climbers, Lunge Walk travel (with or without bells)
  • Last 12 Cycle – 12 Upright Rows, 12 Chest presses, 12 Upright Rows, 12 Chest Presses, 12 outhouse curls, 12 curb calf raises, 12 outhouse curls, 12 curb calf raises

Mary: Full Ab up w/ press to the sky x12, Crunch up w/ chest press x12, Mason Twist w/ bells x12



  1. Always an honor to lead… thanks for the opportunity!
  2. STRONG work this morning by the Pax! Way to push through all the sets. That is a challenging core workout routine. The effort put forth by all was/is inspiring! Thanks for sticking with me for the non-kb stuff.
  3. @SSMinnow came by and swiped the shovel flag for the MudRun representation. Go fast SSMinnow, Bull, Riptide, TheMagnificent!
  4. June 6th – save the date for The Bear

3 thoughts on “Kettlebells and then some

  1. RibShack

    The BS call came on Set 2……..strong lead @Clueless! Worked us, well me, to failure on a couple ones. Good job! That front ←→ backwards bear crawl was a Royal PITA!!
    Enjoyed having @Schedule C post to KB’s. His outlook on the situation is always entertaining.

    1. Clueless Post author

      Glad it worked you @RibShack! It’s definitely not an easy workout. Way to keep pushing yourself!

      I agree. Great to have @ScheduleC out for KB’s.

  2. Schedule C

    I was calling BS in my head for most of the workout. It was deceptively hard. It didn’t sound like that big of a deal – just sounded like good work.

    Wrong. Everything was giving out on me in the middle of the sets, UGH! That just made the squats and bear crawls super tough. And those were the “easiest” parts. For those of you who weren’t there, there were no “easy” parts. This was all relative.

    Not sure what part of exercise hell you got this workout from… but I wanna know. I’m gonna steal it!

    I loved mixing the KB with non-KB and 1) will be leading KB in the near future and 2) will be incorporating this style into some of my leads. Loved it.

    I also really enjoy my time in the mornings with all of the Harrisburg (or any F3 group). The time, no matter the weather or conditions, is priceless.

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