Caution Laps

6 of Harrisburg’s men woke up for some early morning sprints.  New FNG (Eeyore) says he’s mainly a distance runner and not much of a sprinter.  Don’t worry we’ll fix that with some good ol’ acceleration.

Acceleration mainly consisted of Nascar Sprints, building up in distance after each set.  The workout looked something like this:


  • 800m mosey


  • Nascar Sprints (50m stride, roll into 50m sprint) X 2 laps around
    • mosey after 2nd lap
  • 100m Nascar Sprints(100m stride, 100m sprint) x 4 laps
    • mosey in between sets
  • 200m Nascar Sprints(200m stride, 200m sprint) X4 laps
    • give slower pax ~50m head start
  • 400m Run (give slower pax 75m-100m head start) X4 laps
    • mosey in between sets
  • attempt 800m cool down that turned into 400m cool down


  1. Good push by everyone this morning! Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning as well as bearing with my unorthodox track workouts.
  2. Welcome to the F3 family Jole Johns aka (Eeyore).
  3. Want to know more secrets to sprints and better running form? Come to Acceleration and find out!
  4. Props to Myrtle, sorry if i spelt it wrong, for holding the lead on the 400m runs and Natulis for pushing it on the build up sprints
  5. Good luck to everyone in the Harrisburg 5k and Mudrun tomorrow!

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The Magnificent

2 thoughts on “Caution Laps

  1. Bull2

    Wow…cobains to @Murtaugh. @TheMagnificent must be too young to know those movies. Myrtle would be a good name though.

    @TheMagnificent – good workout this morning.

    @Pax – good work this morning…way to keep pushing.

    @Eeyore – good to have you out. I hope to see you back out soon.

  2. The Magnificent Post author

    @Bull you don’t know how many times I tried looking it up on the internet this morning, as well as saying it to Siri only to get myrtle instead of Murtaugh.

    Btw @Murtaugh I knew how to say it, just didn’t know how to spell it. I’ll blame auto correct this time

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