Little upper body beatdown on a warm and soggy morning

Mosey around the church parking lot to get warmed up & then circle up for a few stretching exercises and then jump right in to an upper body workout that definately utilized the pull up bars per PAX requests:

Side Straddle Hop- 12 in cadence
Wind Mills- 12 in cadence
Carolina Dry Docks- 10 in cadence
Merkins- 10 in cadence
Diamond Merkins- 5 in cadence
Wide Merkins- 5 in cadence
Burpees- 10 on your own.

Head over to the field (Pair up with someone)
**** you can alternate back and forth if you would like
Partner 1 (Pull Up Bars) Partner 2 (at picnic table)
15 Pull Ups 15 incline merkins
15 Chin Ups 15 decline merkins
15 High Knees 15 dips on picnic table
15 hand rail pull ups 15 LBC’s

After you have completed switch

*** REPEAT again with quantity of 10

Let’s mosey over and pick up some cinder blocks
1. 15 arm curls with cinder blocks
2. 15 shoulder presses
3. 15 skull crushers with cinder blocks standing up
4. 15 chest presses with cinder blocks on your back
5. 15 sit ups while holding cinder block against your chest

***REPEATO, and finish with 20 more chest presses & 15 carry’s to left, middle, right
Leg Exercises with blocks or water jugs

15 Air squats with cinder blocks at waist level
15 air squats with cinder blocks above your head
15 lunges while holding cinder block or water jugs

Repeat again


12 low dollys in cadence
12 low flutter’s in cadence
12 count in cadence LBC’s
12 count in cadence Squirm
12 count dying cockroach
Finish with 20 merkins on your own

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  1. Kemosabe Post author

    Thanks again to everyone who worked out this morning. I know the ground was nice and wet however at least it was warm. Hopefully everyone was pleased with the amount of upper body work. We were told to incorporate the bars into the workouts during the month of April. Take care, and I hope everyone has a great day!!

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