Tradition Mini-Q-School

10 men came out this morning to prepare for their Virgin Q’s, practice for there next Q, or pass on a little F3 wisdom(a stretch) to their fellow pax members!

We covered the basics.  45 minutes goes very quickly at a Mini-Q-School!

  1. Disclaimer
  2. Warmup
  3. Introducing an exercise
  4. Countng in Cadence
  5. Form
  6. The 6

I hope you guys learnt something this morning.  TThanks Forgotten Jelly and Google for bringing some “wisdom” to the table!

Q-School is a great way to get ready to lead a workout.  You can get rid of some of the nerves by practicing in a comfortable environment, without the pressure of the Pax and mumblechatter!

Thank you all for coming!  I cant wait for you first Q’s!!


2 thoughts on “Tradition Mini-Q-School

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    Thanks for coming today everyone. We should have also said that now each of you need to make sure you have signed up to Q a Tuesday/Thursday bootcamp soon. Try to sign up to do one by the end of May.

  2. Google

    Thanks for letting me tag along this AM. It was great to see the turnout! Look forward to reading some new backblast’s soon.

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