Post Easter SWAT

5 Pax beat the fartsack for a little post-Easter SWAT beatdown.  Went something like this:


Quick mosey around parking lot

SSH 15x

Windmill 15x

Arm circles

Leg Stretches


The Thang:

Exercise Set 1 (alternating exercises):

KB Swing

KB Sumo Squat

10x, 9x, 8x, etc. all the way down to 1x


Mosey to outback for some pullups (it is April after all) – 10x


Exercise Set #2 (alternating)

KB Standing Chest Press

KB Bicep Curls

10x, 9x, 8x, etc.


LBC (w/o KB) – 20x


Exercise Set #3:

KB Lawnmower Pulls (each arm)

KB Tricep Extension

10x, 9x, 8x, etc.


Mosey to pullup bars for 10 more!


Mary (back at parking lot):

LBC w/KB – 20x

Mason Twist w/KB – 20x

Reverse Crunch – 20x

Squirm – 20x

W – 20x

Low Flutter – 10x

Modified Pretzel Crunch – 10x each side

Homer to Marge

Derby Double Tap (Buckwheat added)

Low Dolly (Dutch added)

V Up (Wampa added)

1 minute plank to end the fun


Sweaty Moleskin:

1) Great work today guys.  Those first 2 rounds were brutal, and definitely were tougher than I thought when I first wrote this out.

2) Buckwheat – great push using the 40lb bell.  I guess we’ll get there eventually, but you were beasting today brother.

3) Good to see so many guys out for the Q school as well! Look forward to seeing you leading some beatdowns soon!


2 thoughts on “Post Easter SWAT

  1. Buckwheat

    Sadly, I would’ve reverted to the 30lber at some point if Triple Threat didn’t borrow it. Feeling it tonight for sure! Solid beatdown as always, Gangsta!

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