Slaughter House…

19 of Meca’s finest decided to make the best decision they will make today and laced up em up for a ticket to Google’s Slaughter House…

Warm Up:

Mosey to parking lot circle up …..Audible…. Man Down’s kid is playing his first soccer game on the field.. So in order to give the kid some good luck we circled up on his field to leave some good luck sweat!

25 x SSH

25 x Windmill

10 x Imperial Squat Walkers

The Thang.

(About this time about 5 Junior Varsity :0 members from the early edition decided to join) Chowder mentions he is in rare form and plans on giving plenty of mumble chatter. )

Slaughter Starter  – 20 Burbees. on your own.

Merkin Ladder –  Start @ Soccer goal 1 push up. Spring to other goal 2 pushups. Back to other goal 3 pushups.. etc… until you get to 20.    (Mumble chatter came to a halt right about this time!)

Mosey to Tennis Court

Line up at the first court

First length of court do GBS.

10 jump squats

Second court do Groucho walk

10 Jump Squats

Third Court do Side crab

10 jump squats

Fourth court do Side crab other side

10 x Burpees

Run lap.

Repeto x 4


Mosey around School to football field.

3 sets of 20 lat pulls on football equipment wit 100 meter sprints between sets.


Mosey back to parking lot for COT.



As always it is a pleasure to lead you men. It has been a while since I Q’d @ Mallard, felt great to be back! I wanted to keep the heart rate going and try to hit all muscle groups today. The chatter from the PAX had me thinking I accomplished my goal this AM!

@Mandown. Thanks for the push today. #strong

@conchito.. you consistency is really starting to show. Looking good brother.

@buckwheat.. Thank you for the kind words regarding my family.

@PAX.. Great push by all today!


Announcements :

Haiti Trip – Hard commit deadline May 8th?

Bear – June 6th. All AO convergence on MECA. We need volunteers to help organize and lead the event. Please reach out to Chowder if interested.



Enjoy your weekend. Make it a great one!



3 thoughts on “Slaughter House…

  1. Man Down

    @Google – That smoked me! Great workout, hitting all the major muscle groups! And thanks for the effort to give my 2.0 (being the son of Man Down, he has the very fitting F3 name of “Ow!”) a little luck sweat for the big game. Unfortunately we put the mojo on the wrong field and they played on the one next to it. It was a slaughter house in all the wrong ways! #justagame
    @Frostbite and Hot Wheels – Thanks for the accountability that got me out of the fartsack this morning. Enjoyed the ride with you guys!

  2. Dutch

    I knew we were in for it today when google shouted out “20 burpees on your own” .. As a warm up.

    You put a serious hurt on Google. Thanks. I think.

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