Ready, set, run…

3 men showed to join YHC and his half healed hip for some track work in the cover of darkness.  What was designed to be a ladder run just below 5k race pace turned into an ego driven sprint fest that was a blast.  Who wants round 2 this afternoon?

The Thang

Homework prior to arrival – determine 5k race pace and then interval pace off of that based on Jack Daniels Run Calculator.  Much to Deuce’s dismay, there was no actual Jack Daniels involved.  That number was target pace for what was about to happen.  Don’t know number?  YHC instructed said PAX to run like hell and that they did.

1 mile slow mosey to get loose…or more loose if you’re Nautilus and you run the 1.5 mile to said workout.

“What if that mosey was my race pace?”  Great question…just keep running.

Line up for a Speed Ladder with 2 min recovery between intervals or whenever BBQ decided to stop dancing in circles and come join us.








Wrapped up w/ 400m mosey mosey to shake it out and stories of who had who at which point and where so and so would toast whoever next time out.


Naked Moleskin

  • Good push out there this AM.  Good to be back out with everyone. Couple of those intervals on backside got a little testy.  Love the silent competition taking place.
  • Always fun to reel in BBQ and walk past him.  Will be good to try that again after I’m cleared to run. #BAM
  • Deuce is my hero.  Dude never quits…never.
  • Pace was brought up often…primarily to note we weren’t even close to where we needed to be.  I think all that went out the window on the first 400m…channeled our inner FloJo on that one and set the tone for the morning.
  • Thanks to Slim for inspiration.  Was a good one…didn’t disappoint.
  • Total mileage on track was 5.25 including initial mosey and last 1/4 mile of lies.
  • News Flash – there’s a new beast in town and his name is Nautilus.  Guy is strong.  And, yes, he is a runner.
  • Good Friday…Easter Weekend.  I encourage you to take time this weekend to reflect on what it’s all about.  “I’ll be back…” was made famous long before Arnold hacked it up.

With a little love…



3 thoughts on “Ready, set, run…

  1. Hootie Post author

    Thanks for having me out this AM, gents. Love being back out with everyone. I’ll be on the couch icing the hip the rest of the weekend if you need me.

  2. The Nanny

    Ah, the dreaded track ladder. Hate it. But it does tend to get the ole heart rate moving…

  3. Deuce

    I knew I was in trouble when I pulled into the parking lot to find only Hootie standing there and Nautilus nearly sprinting in. Then I saw another car pulling in and thought I might have received a reprieve. Alas, it was BBQ and my fate was sealed.

    I enjoyed running with you all during the “warm-up” mile, which was actually at race pace for me, and the first “race pace” (near sprint) 400 meters afterwards. Then I accepted my punishment and formed a solitary Six, whose only goal was not to get lapped.

    Thanks for the lead, Hootie.

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