F3 The Ridge…………………VEGAS style

15 of the Harrisburg area’s finest resisted the temptation to enjoy a few extra minutes (or hours) of shuteye, dealt with the local road and bridge construction (touchy subject in my family), and made their way to “The Ridge” for a morning “pick me up”. Glad to be back after a few missed workouts as a result of a “beat-down” of a different sort in Vegas. The ground was soft, the shovel flag was planted, and off we went!


Mosey in lot, butt kickers, side to side right (aka Karaoke, thanks Bull), side to side left, jog to stadium lot road entrance, circle up.  Disclaimer made that I am not an expert, exercise at your own peril, if someone were to get hurt, we would not leave them behind and will call for an ambulance or drive one to a hospital if need be.
– SSH x 21
– IST x 21
– WWII Sit ups x 21
– Merkins x 11 (OYO). 11 and 21, Blackjack and craps favorable numbers.

The Thang:

– Break out into 3 lines of 5, Indian Run appx 1/4 mile to rock pile behind tennis courts.

– Grab a rock of ones preference, circle up. All exercises with rock. Pass rock to right 2 F3ers, Curls x 21, Diamond Merkins on rock x11, Air Squat x 21, Diamond Merkins on rock x 7, Tricept Extensions x 21, Diamond Merkins on rock x8 (messed up, not much Vegas benefit to #8……. unless you have 2 of them in Blackjack and the dealer is showing a 5 or 6, Blackjack 101), Outhouse curls x 21.

– Pass rock to left. REPEATO (did all the Diamond Merkins x 7 this time).

– Make pile of 15 rocks in center, choose 2 largest/heaviest ones. Rock hand-off to guy on right x 2 laps, Rock hand-off to guy on left x 2 laps. Our version of “double rock” roulette. Return rocks.

– Break out into 2 lines, Indian Run appx 1/4 mile to heartbreak hill (the one in front of the HS). 12’s with run up hill, start with 1 air squat at bottom, 11 burpees at top, work way to 11 air squats, 1 burpee. Up to 100 LBC’s for those who finish up before others.

– Jailbreak back to lot with our vehicles where all this “fun” began for Mary.


– Squirm x 21
– Sit up x 21
– Crunchy Frog x 21 (Thanks for leading us through this one Solo Cup)



1. As always, appreciated the chance to head such a great group on men (and a minor) today.  Again, if you haven’t had a Q yet, please step up…………if I can do it, anyone can!

2. Nice work T-Rex. A few more workouts and you will be outperforming dad UCB!!

3. Couldn’t find a F3 group in Vegas. Would be interested to see if they worked chips, dice, and cocktail waitresses into their workouts.

4. Chaos, did your ears ring this morning. Rocks in my head had me call Clueless Chaos at least once. I promise you both I did not mistake the bald Spartan one for the tightly hair cut buffed one.

5. Missed seeing Jolt this morning.  He promised me once spring sprung, he would come out of hibernation. Maybe he said summer?

6. “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity” John F. Kennedy


3 thoughts on “F3 The Ridge…………………VEGAS style

  1. Casper Post author

    Pleasure as always gentlemen. It does not get easier……but we will get stronger!

  2. RibShack

    Good beat down sir. Enjoyed it all until the hill o’ burpees at the end…something about being on set 3 & @BBQ & @Cluess are planking up already that just sucks the wind out of you.
    Thanks for leading, good one!

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