Over the Hills and Through the Woods

Six of #Tradition’s finest exited the fartsack, and opted for a cruise on a perfect morning, with launch temps right at 55°. YHC tried to live up to his name by plotting a course that mixed up the terrain and surroundings. After briefly attempting to trick @Maximus into joining us instead of the fisters, we set off.

The Thang:

– Run through Winchester, with some dynamic warmups along the way (high knees, butt kickers, karaoke)

– Hit the greenway at the pool, and exit at Radborne

– Travel through Radborne via Symphony Woods, Newchurch, then back to the greenway

– Exit greenway at Mallard Creek Elementary, and knock out 10 pullups at the playground

– Continue up Mallard Creek Church to Prosperity, and back to base (with a little extra credit thanks to Belding, to ensure we got our 4 miles in)

The Moleskin:

– Nice push out there by all, especially by you “reluctant” runners! It’s been a while since we’ve done a straight-up, non-stop run, so it was good to get some decent distance with this cruise. I clocked us in at 4.22 miles, at a 9:26 pace (including the playground stop). Belding mentioned something about working towards a 10k for the cruise….

– YHC should have issued a legit disclaimer, given the dark trails, potential for falling in the creek, and all the cars at the school for the field trip. Glad we all made it back…

– As always, the 2nd F is the best part of the cruise. Enjoyed it.


5 thoughts on “Over the Hills and Through the Woods

  1. The Farm

    Thanks for the lead trail mix. I felt good at the beginning but those hills always kill me in the end. It felt like we were running at a pretty good pace. If the pace you posted counts the playground, that huge hill, and having to stop for traffic, I think we were running faster than I run “comfortably.” Thanks for the push.

  2. Dingo

    Good Stuff Trail Mix! And I see you got the pullups in!!

    I am in for the 10k!

    Also, we are going to be heading to Highlands for Speed each Friday! Who’s in??!!

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