The Murph at Tradition

11 men showed up this morning to perform a test of physical pain!  The Murph always delivers!

  1. 1 mile run
  2. 100 pull ups
  3. 200 Merkins
  4. 300 Squats
  5. 1 mile run

Some lingering injuries slowed a couple of us down today.  rest up and take car of your body!  We will be here when you get back!

Remember to think and focus on form during the Murph.  Keep those backs straight and knees back when doing squats.

Go for full extension on pull ups, that’s all the way down to a hanging position and then chin above the bar.

Merkins – turn your hands so that your thumbs point forward and keep your elbows close to your body.  focus on going all the way up and all the way down.

It can be hard to remember form towards the end of the Murph, but good form will help prevent injuries and you will get more out of the exercise.

9 thoughts on “The Murph at Tradition

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    Great push by everyone this morning. Sorry I had to bail early. I hope to be back out for my Q on Thursday. I’ve got a good one in mind.

      1. Forgotten Jelly

        Thanks. Knee’s pretty sore. Going to rest this entire week. Need to make sure I’m good for the mudrun.

  2. Skipper

    @Dingo – Thanks for picking up the BB duties and for pushing me in the cadence group.

    Speaking of groups, @MrBelding and @Urlacher formed a mighty duo this morning with @TheFarm only slightly behind. #strongpush

    Who could complete a lone #TheMurph without their F3 brothers around? #notthisguy

    T-Claps to all #Tradition/Precinct pax that posted today!

  3. Man Down

    @Icicle and myself joined you guys in spirit for a “driveway Murph” starting at 5am this morning to work around our schedules. There was an @Skipper siting partway through the pain. At least I’m pretty sure it was Skipper. No one else in these parts crazy/strong enough to run TO the Murph…FEBA!!!

  4. Iron Wolf

    Excellent as always! I tried to complete the Murph on my own rather than teaming up with a group calling cadence. I only got 8.5 though! Shows how much we motivate each other! @TheFarm, good talking to you bro, whilst doing that last mile!

  5. The Farm

    I almost fartsacked this morning. I kept hitting my snooze…but something made me get up anyway. I knew you guys would be out there. This morning was my best showing at the Murph to date. Thanks guys, it’s working!

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