Fast Times at Hickory Ridge High

3 men peered into the gloom, decided to brave the impending rain, and get a little faster.

The Thang

In honor of @SSMinnow:

  • 800m warmup
  • 6 x 800m with two minutes of rest between each
  • 1600m cool down

My watch said 4.07 miles

  1. Full disclosure: the above workout is what I did.   @BBQ and @Bull never really stopped running, their cool downs looked like my sprints, and they got in about 6 miles today .Kind of a humbling experience chasing those guys around the track.
  2. FIA’s (Ladies F3) One year Anniversary is tomorrow at 0800 Harrisburg Park (lower Parking lot)
  3. @Capri is looking for someone to take @Gapper’s Mudrun spot.  It’s a lot of fun if you’ve never done it
  4. Harrisburg 5k registration is open:


Solo Cup

6 thoughts on “Fast Times at Hickory Ridge High

    1. SSMinnow

      @SoloCup … love the 800m repeats….boring compared to a The Magnificent led workout…but doing lots of 800m repeats does improve maximum aerobic capacity (hence endurance) and speed too … glad to see you brought this workout back out

      I know what you mean about @BBQ and @Bull…they are indeed reaping the benefits of lots of hard work

      I’ll be back out next week….got the Q on Tuesday

  1. BBQ

    I continue to say it but I’ll say it again, so thankful you guys are out there with me. You guys push me to keep going when my legs and mind say quit. It sucks every minute we’re moving but worth it during BOM. Tclaps for leading today @SoloCup and the push from @Bull. Strong work by everyone.

  2. Bull2

    Great lead @Solo Cup. Very similar to the original test runs of Acceleration. Hopefully @SSMinnow will be back at the 800’s soon #healupqwik

    Glad you guys were there pushing through it with me….no way I get up this morning to #sadclown around the track.

    #Olaf would have melted, good thing he stayed in. #alwaystaperingforsomething

    @Hootie says he is coming #hurryup

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