Up and Down Devil’s Hill

7 men stepped into the Gloom and decided to attack some hills.

The Thang
  • Up Kee Lane
  • Right on Physicians Blvd
  • Right on Roberta Road
  • Left on Parallel Drive (scared some ladies out for a morning run)
  • Cross over to Valhalla Drive
  • Right on Williams Road, Straight up Lakeview Drive (Air Squats at the top of Devil’s Hill until the 6 arrives)
  • Back down Lakeview Drive , turn around at the bottom and run back up Devil’s Hill (Air Squat at the top until the 6 arrives)
  • Left on Hudson Drive
  • Left on Morehead Road
  • Right on Plaza Drive
  • Left on Parallel Drive
  • Cross over Roberta Road, Right on Main Street

Distance ranged from 4.7 miles to 5.22 miles (Mine is here, http://home.trainingpeaks.com/athlete/workout/W3A3ETHLXTNOI2CEZH6WAHGNDQ)

COT (W/ Warrior One)


  1. Strong work by the entire PAX.  It was a pretty fast first few miles and everyone held strong.  Outstanding performance from @BanjoBoy and @UCB, who seem to handle the hills effortlessly.  @Paris and @Capri killed it. @RibShack and @Helga held tough and sprinted at the end.
  2. @UCB was the one calling it Devil’s Hill.  I feel like a local boy can call it whatever he wants, plus it sounds cooler than The Roller Coaster (sorry @SSMinnow)
  3. @Gamma said that @SoloCup has the helm at #RoadWarrior and @Deuce is leading #WarriorOne, all is right with the world. Truth be told I thought I was leading Broga up until last night and had a solid beatdown planned for the #WarriorOne bunch #TheresAlwaysNextWeek
  4. Cobains  @Deuce for pulling a @Sundial and showing up for COT late.  Thank you for the latitude on time and to your group for hanging back
  5. Harrisburg 5k registration is open: http://www.active.com/harrisburg-nc/running/distance-running-races/harrisburg-5k-2015


Solo Cup


2 thoughts on “Up and Down Devil’s Hill

  1. RibShack

    Thanks @Solocup for the lead. One way to make sure we get our miles in is to not turn the corner until the 2.5 mark…..wise move.
    Good hanging with #Helga; good mumblechatter.
    Oh yeah, what I thought was a sprint was just a mosey once @BanjoBoy turned on the afterburners & blew it up!

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