Back to Basics

Nothing flashy; just the basics, and a good stretch, is what four pax enjoyed in the gloom this AM.

x denotes four-count cadence


  • In seated position: Neck Rolls, Shoulder Rolls, Side Stretch R/L, Arm Circles front to back then across the chest R/L.

The Thang:


  • Cat/Cow, Backward Gaze, Spinal Balance, Awkward Airplane, Gate, Half Knot, Repeato other side.
  • Down Dog, Down Dog with ankle rolls, Cheetah, Plank, Merkins x10, Up Dog, Repeato other side.
  • Down Dog, Right Lunge, Warrior One, Warrior Two, Peaceful Warrior, Triangle, Crescent, Side Angle,  Revolved Side Angle, Spinal Twist,  Right Lunge, Crocodile, Up Dog. Repeato left side.
  • Wide Straddle- Forward Fold, Forward Fold R/L, Side Lunge R/L OYO~6 reps, Yurbee OYO 10 times, Atlas to Star~8 reps, Yogi Squat, Crow, Mountain, Chair, Revolved Chair R/L, Mountain.
  • Standing Hamstring Stretch R/L, Down Dog, Pigeon R/L.

COT W/ Road Warriors


  1. Great work out there guys!
  2. @Floyd, nice to meet you and good job on your first Warrior One workout.  Hopefully you’ll become one of our regulars.
  3. Looking forward to @Gapper’s virgin Warrior One Q coming up in the near future.  Thanks for stepping up.  Anyone else interested in leading Warrior One, feel free to sign up or let me know if you need the signup link.  You are more ready than you know.  Click here for tips on leading Warrior One.




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