The Guinness Killer

12 posted for the Precincts St. Patty’s Day celebratory beat down.

Warm Up:

Slow Cotton Pickers-10ic
Imperial Storm Trooper- 10ic

The hard work:

The Guinness Killer

Start route at 5:35 / Stop at 6:05

-Run to the top of Raddington Hill: 10 burpees
-Run to play ground: 10 pull-ups
-Run to bottom of field near tree stumps:10 lunges each leg
-Bear crawl to other side: 20 jump squats
-Run to GWW: 10 muscle ups
-Run to parking lot and grab some landscape timber: 25 decline merkins

Run the route as many times as you can. Earnings are 1 Guinness per lap to break even. Any additional Guinness is the killer.


The W- 20ic
Pretzel Crunch- 10ic right and left
Homer/Marge (including a medley of lower ab exercises)
Plank- 60 seconds

Very tough route this morning. Icicle pushed hard and finished 4 complete laps and was coming down the hill after the 10 burpees. He’s the man to beat and the winner of a big gas station Guinness…. Come by later to redeem prize… Did someone say I hate burpees and bear crawls, or was that me? Those lunges followed by the long distance bear crawl made it feel like we were strapped to the ground for the jump squats. My legs were just not having it. This might be our monthly special…. What y’all think?

Hard work from all this morning…The Precinct is getting fast and strong.

8 thoughts on “The Guinness Killer

  1. Skipper

    I likey! Looking forward to next running. Had to Q #Tradition today, but hopefully be back at #Precinct soon.

  2. Man Down

    Tough (ie Great) workout this morning! I hung with Icicle and Axe Effect for most of the beatdown, but they out-stamina-ed me in the end. Nice work!

  3. Trail Mix

    I’m sure @Striker knows this already and planned it this way… but this Guinness Killer loop looks to measure almost exactly the same distance as the Old Glory loop around the church grounds…

  4. GentleGrizzly

    @Skipper – I like how you “had to Q #Tradition today”. We like you too brother. Haha

  5. Icicle

    Yey I didn’t know there was a prize it better be really cold lol great work out I will do it all over again and claps to Mandown and Axe Effect that made me push myself this morning I’ll get Mandown a beer and I wish I could say the same for Axe Effect but I think he’ll get a juice box

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