Do Aussie’s drink green piss on St Patty’s Day?!

18 #Traditioners emerge in the gloom of this St Patrick’s Day…the Pax knew it was St Patty’s Day right?!  Not really, but they soon would learn!

St Patricks Day Parade around the church, make sure to wave (mosey, butt-kicks, high knees, karaoke, backwards run)

Warm-up COP

St Patrick Hop (similar to SSH) x 40 (# of years he preached in Ireland)

Lucky Shamrock stretch (similar to windmill) x 14 (Age when he was taken as slave and sent to Ireland)

Irish Dance stretch (similar to IST) x 6 (# years in prison)

Burpee penalty for not wearing green x 15 (Only 3 Pax intentionally wore green?! Pathetic)

Mosey to Irish meadow and Partner-up for:

Partner pull into the bar

Partner push out of the bar

Wheelbarrow (where you load your drunk partner to get him home)

Leprechaun shuffle (similar to duck walk)

Drunk Irish Crawl (similar to bear crawl)

Pot of Gold lunge walk

Leaping leprechauns (similar to burpee broad jump)

Holy Trinity (3 Leafs of the shamrock is how St Patrick taught about the Holy Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Our 3 stations included:

1. Green jugs (Jug-War II-situps, Juggy twist, Reverse jug crunch)

2. Battle Ropes (Banish the snakes from Ireland) – Double snake whip; Plank

3. Pull-up/Dip Bars (Gotta go to the bars on St Patty’s Day)

Mary: Pretzel Crunch (Funky), Plank Jack, J-Lo (ONJ), Circle Merc

The Festive Green Moleskin:

1. Hey @Dingo, there’s green water in those jugs!  So if “piss” is alcohol down-under, do they drink green piss on St Patrick’s Day? #toomuchasparagus

2. Speaking of @Dingo, he’ll need your prayers this weekend as he conquers the Wrightsville Beach marathon! #earnthatpiss

3. Marine Corps Marathon is Oct 25th. Lottery for registration is now until Mar 23rd. Or get a guaranteed registration by joining @Skipper’s team ( #bucketlist

4. Hopefully all of you will put on some green today in celebration of St Patrick’s Day and you should all have a few facts to teach others about this day.  You also learned the penalty for not wearing green…burpees. Try to enforce it around your office. #pinchingissolastyear



14 thoughts on “Do Aussie’s drink green piss on St Patty’s Day?!

      1. Skipper Post author

        Ahoy! I knew I dropped it somewhere along the way. Tell her wash cold, gentle cycle. #GoIrish

  1. FunkyBunch

    Top’O’The mornin Skipper. Good stuff this morning. #superpreperation(H?)

    Wondering if FJ has come down from his high level of excitement that the battle ropes showed up this morning.

    Dingo good luck this weekend. Let me know how it goes.

      1. Skipper Post author

        The ropes belong to @BOS, well at least he purchased them, they’ve been in my possession all winter, but its about time we let those stinky snakes out of the bag. Please use and pass along to other Qs who want them in the #Tradition/#Precinct/#Highlands area.

  2. BlindDate

    Enjoyed it Skipper. You really did some homework setting that up. Perhaps next year we fill the jugs with green beer.

    Dingo – good luck this weekend. Did Funky bail?

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice one Skipper. I enjoyed it. Glad you brought out the battle ropes. I look forward to using them at a beatdown real soon.

  4. Dingo

    Aye Skipper, us Aussies drink piss any chance we get! Especially on St Patty’s day. Most Australians are at least a quarter Irish #thatswheretheconvictscamefrom

    I think what @Funky is trying to say is that he is running the marathon as well! Good luck funky!

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