The winner of #TheGeneral 2015 March Madness is…General William Haines Lytle, Jack Webb, and Stromboli

Seventeen players (plus 3 wandering Ruck-tards and one crotch sniffing dog) posted for the 1st annual #TheGeneral March Madness Tournament. The tourney bracket of 16 exercises were pulled out of past #TheGeneral backblasts from the past 12 months.  Each exercise was performed for 1-minute. Voting immediately followed to determine which exercise would move to the next round.

Tourney Field (Exercise – Q – General):

Warm-Up Regional

SSH – Dill – MOH Willie Johnson

Squats – KingFish – General Mills

Mt Climber – Cooter – Stonewall Jackson

Merican – Ty Webb – General John (Black Jack) Pershing

Clown Car Regional

Suicide – Firestone – Gen Richard A. Burpee

Bear Crawl – Mac n Cheese – Omar Bradley

Lunge Walk – Alabama – General William Lee Davidson

Burpee Broad Jump – Shoe – General Joseph Hooker

Lt Michael Murphy Regional

Monkey Humpers – Mini Me – Colin Powell

Apollo Ohno – Omaha – Creighton Abrams

Groiners – Skipper – Sniper Gunny Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock

Jack Webb – Stromboli – General William Haines Lytle

Notre Dame (Mary) Regional

Partner Tea Bag Throwdowns – Gump – General Robert Toombs

Partner Sit-backs – Scrappy – Dick Clark (music trivia)

Pillow Talk – Callahan – Admiral William Halsey, Jr

Banana/Superman – Primo – Calvin York

Final Four:

Squats – KingFish – General Mills

Lunge Walk – Alabama – General William Lee Davidson

Jack Webb – Stromboli – General William Haines Lytle

Banana/Superman – Primo – Calvin York

And the WINNER of the inaugural #TheGeneral March Madness Tourney is…Jack Webb – Stromboli – General William Haines Lytle

Tourney Notes:

  1. Impressed, but not amazed that Jack Webbs won the tourney. I did a similar tournament 2 years ago at #F3Sirius and the winner there was also Jack Webb. At first thought you’d probably guess that SSH or something easy would win, but at second thought you realize that F3 men don’t usually like easy. #nosadclowns
  2. Unfortunately @Stromboli wasn’t here to enjoy the win, however 6 of the 16 Qs represented in the tourney were present, even though they had no idea they were competing. #gottashowtoknow
  3. Two of the rounds today had an 8 to 8 tie in voting, luckily that allowed the ref (YHC) to tie-break. #stripesandwhistlehaveprivilege
  4. YHC did his best impression of Ed Hochuli this morning with a size Small referee shirt. #Ifeelmanly
  5. Lots of 2nd F today due to the format of the 1-minute exercises and no cadence, also due to the fact that we were at #TheGeneral (@Shoe, @Kingfish, @Outlaw, etc.) #hecklersrule
  6. When partner exercises are called, the typical next question is, “does size matter?” We learned that is a critical question for Partner Tea Bag Throwdowns. #thanksGump
  7. So who is General William Haines Lytle?  I recommend checking out his Wikipage (, but for the full effect please download “One Shining Moment” to play while you read. #everythingonwebistrue
  8. Speaking of songs, not too shabby with the group National Anthem! #tonedeaf
  9. YHC had a lot of fun running the tourney today. Thanks to @Shoe for taking us out with a classic prayer which was taught from the Man himself, Jesus. #OurFather



4 thoughts on “The winner of #TheGeneral 2015 March Madness is…General William Haines Lytle, Jack Webb, and Stromboli

  1. Skipper Post author

    Ahoy! Three posts for me in #Isotope land this week brings back lots of memories and familiar faces. By the way, who do I send my gas receipts to?

  2. Gnarly Goat

    Did Skipper wear a head band? I believe the last time I saw him in his referee shirt with whistle was back in the old days in the OakHURT pool parking lot where he might’ve been doing a Tiabata Apollo Ono.

  3. Alabama

    Great to see I made the final four except it was for an exercise I don’t even remember doing!

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