The Lucky Ones

6 lucky men didn’t care what the calendar said, they were out to get stronger and faster. Speed repeatos at different distances was on the #Weinke.

~1 mile mosey around track

800m sprint (2x)
400m sprint (2x)
200x200m (sprint 200m, mosey 200m, repeato 2x)
100x100x100x100 (mosey 100m, sprint 100m, mosey 100m, sprint 100m, repeato 2x)

Cool down mosey to parking lot.



  • Thanks for joining YHC for his Acceleration VQ. Awesome to see all the PAX really pushing themselves and more importantly pushing each other.  We completed around 4.5 miles.
  • Loved the mubblechatter about finding those higher gears. When you think you’re maxed out, it helps when the PAX finds 3 more. Tclaps @Gapper and @Capri.
  • Good to have @Capri out for his first #Acceleration post. You made it look easy.
  • @SS Minnow – sorry the pulled muscle has returned. You’re still a beast brother.
  • Remember to EH other PAX to post for Acceleration. We all need the accountability and a little jab sometimes. A little #Hootienanny trash talk helps too.

5 thoughts on “The Lucky Ones

  1. Capri

    Thanks for the lead, BBQ! Funny how much more tired I get after a few miles of sprints than jogging a few miles. I’m just grateful there were no burpees involved.

    1. BBQ Post author

      Yep, not sure we’ve done any burpees yet at Acceleration but don’t hold you’re breathe. If we can get @Sundial to post and Q one of these things, I’ll bet he pulls some out.

  2. Gapper

    Great VQ, BBQ. And I second the call to EH more guys – especially more slow guys. Finishing last & helping guys (Solo Cup, Escalade, Padre, Capri, Deuce) find another gear to hold me off is all well and good, but finishing last all the time gets old. Just ask Billy Goat’s Cubs.

    1. Billy Goat

      Win or lose we still booze! And good thing the Reds had a 2 game win streak at the end of 2014. Appreciate the love in the backblast….good to know the Cubs are on your mind, ha!

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