Old Glory Beatdown

22 men from Tradition and The Precinct converged for the monthly running of Old Glory which went something like this…

Tradition Pax start at Shovel Flag while Precinct Pax simultaneously start at Wellington Pool. Both groups run 1 mile ending at Shovel Flag. Then…

Station #1: 20 x ‘Mericans (front/right corner of Church)

Station #2: 20 x Jump Squats (back/right corner of Church)

Station #3: 10 x Pull-ups (Outback)

Station #4: 20 x WWII Sit-ups (near street)

Back to Shovel Flag  – That’s 1 round. Rinse & repeat Stations 1-4 as many times as you can (the loop is 0.4 miles). Whistle blown at 6am. Meet back at Shovel Flag, then finish with another mile run. Front man carries Old Glory and back man carries Tradition flag (thanks to Dutch & M).

The Moleskin:

Below are the names (in alphabetical order) and number of complete loops plus additional stations completed around the AO. If you were here last month, your previous round total is posted as well. Write these down somewhere and plan to beat your own record next month!

F3 Name 12-Mar 12-Feb
Axe Effect 3.75 3.25
Blind Date 3.75
Closer 3.50 3.25
Dick Tracy 1.50
Dingo 3.75 3.75
Farm 3.50 3.25
Field of Dream 3.00 2.00
Forgotten Jelly 4.50
Funky Bunch 3.75 3.25
Gangta’s Paradise 3.00 2.50
Gentle Grizzly 2.00
Hot Wheels 3.00
Iron Wolf 3.50 3.25
Man Down 4.50 4.25
Mario 5.00 4.25
Maximus 2.50
ONJ 2.50
Pharaoh 5.00
Raptor 3.50 3.00
Striker 4.50
Trail Mix 4.00 3.75
Urlacher 4.75 4.25

23 thoughts on “Old Glory Beatdown

  1. Man Down Post author

    Great job Pax!!! Just FYI, I intentionally did not put these in order of who “won” because this event is not a competition with one another, but rather a true “You vs You” opportunity to push your own limits. Whether you did 1 full round or 5, the point was to do YOUR best. And EVERYONE who did this month and last month either tied or surpassed their last total! Well done by all! I consider it a privilege to work out beside you!

  2. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice job by all this morning. This is always a tough workout. Use today’s outcome to push yourself even harder. Great showing by mario and pharaoh. Looking forward to seeing how we improve over the year.

  3. FunkyBunch

    Dingo and BlindDate thanks for the push this morning. I gained half a lap. Thanks guys

    HUGE TCLAPS to Pharoah! Way to go out there. You wete a blur!

    ManDown bring that list next workout I didn’t get to sign the petition on the back. 😉

  4. Trail Mix

    @Gangsta – Thanks for the push the last lap. I was ready to settle for matching my old score, but you helped me finish out strong

    @Field of Dreams – You’ve come a long way in the past month, and the numbers prove it! #mostimproved

    1. Gangsta's Paradise

      Thanks for your push as well @Trail Mix! I knew I had a chance to beat my past score, but having that encouragement helped me push through the pain. You did a great job today!

      @Pharaoh – thanks for the 2nd F on the last mile!

  5. Dick Tracy

    In the words of Coach Belichick, “We’re on to Old Glory.” I am already counting down the days …

          1. Gangsta's Paradise

            Or #i’monlyheresoidon’tgetfined. I think getting dined would be alright – had to give you a hard time on this one @Funky!

          2. The Farm

            So… I noticed the typo but didn’t want to be a jerk and call you out. I’m glad GP did!

  6. The Farm

    Great beatdown as always. I was telling Dingo this morning that I always dread it beforehand but I always feel good when I complete it. ManDown made me laugh by calling Jelly so Jelly could explain Old Glory to The Precinct. It would’ve been even funnier if ManDown would’ve really been in bed calling instead of at the workout.

    Speaking of Jelly, you were flying this morning brother!

    1. Man Down Post author

      For the record, The Precinct guys already knew the Old Glory rundown, so I figured Jelly was explaining it to some Tradition first-timers. The purpose of the call was just to synchronize our launch. IMHO, I actually think Precinct guys should drive up to Tradition on Old Glory days and we can just all launch together. Thoughts?

    2. Forgotten Jelly

      Thanks man. Starting that first mile just a few seconds behind everyone else was rough. Took a lot of energy to catch pharaoh. But I enjoyed it as usual.

  7. Gangsta's Paradise

    Haha you know I had to give you a hard time @Funky, but now I do feel like the jerk. Taking the fall for @Farm apparently haha. #nexttimeyouspeakup

  8. Maximus_MECA

    I didn’t feel like getting out of bed this morning, but am glad I did. Great idea to compare monthly scores for improvement. Funky that quote from Belechek “What, they threw on second on goal from the one” made me laugh.

  9. BlindDate

    Dingo and Funky – thanks for the push. Looking forward to next month and going for the 4.00.

    Great job by ALL.

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