Canvassing the AO

14 men (including 2 FNG’s) posted to The Ridge on this mild, clear morning and did a thorough sweep of the parking lot looking for lost treasure. The only thing found, though was sweat left by all the Pax. This is how they earned it:

Mosey through parking lot, high knees, karaoke left, karaoke right, butt kickers

COP – Side straddle hop, windmill, imperial storm trooper, mountain climbers, air squats, WWII sit-ups

The Thang:

Run all the lanes in the parking lot, stopping at each end for: ten merkins on football field end, and five burpees on the school end of each aisle.

Stop three times during the for impromptu COP’s: SSH, air squats, mountain climbers, WWII sit-ups, LBC

Mary: Little Baby Crunch, Low Flutter, Mason Twist, WWII Sit-ups,


Naked Moleskin:

Thanks for the opportunity to lead, men. We criss-crossed the parking lot 18 times and did a lot of  merkins and burpees along the way.

Welcome to Brady (aka Jason Milliken). Eight kids is definitely a Bunch! Keep coming out. Its a good group of men, with lots of support… will get stronger.

Welcome also to Double Check (aka Jason Shulz)…looking forward to seeing some of your Cross-Fit moves in a future Q. Thanks for your service to our country.

Take your pick tomorrow at 0530: Acceleration (speed work) with BBQ at the middle school track, or Harrisburg Iron (kettle bells) at Stallings Rd Park with Rib Shack

8 thoughts on “Canvassing the AO

  1. Drop Thrill

    Glad to see Capri is posting at The Ridge, he’s my worship pastor at church.

    If I didn’t work the opposite way from Harrisburg, I’d come and join you again. #southside #southcharlotte #area51

  2. RibShack

    After missing out on the past week this was a classic beat down to get back going again. Thanks @SSMinnow for the lead! Good to see all the new guys…Kettle Bells & Running tomorrow, hope to see you posting to one or the other!

  3. Casper

    All that running, burpees and merkins has me dragging this early afternoon. Must be from the tough workout this morning. Great job @SSMinnow.

  4. John Potts

    My pecs and triceps feel like a dog has been gnawing on them after the last three mornings! Thanks for the lead, @SSMinnow, gonna go with some sprinting tomorrow to give my upper body a break.

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