Can’t think of a post name

A strong showing of 16 men this morning for a much needed heat wave.

Warm up:

SSH x20
Shuffle step in circle x clockwise and counter Mountain Climber x15ic

Butt Kickers to bottom of hill across from parking lot.

Sprint up to the top: 10 burpees
Sprint back down: 9 burpees
Ladder to 5.

Mosey to field and partner up:

Hand stand walk with partner assist all the way across.

Partner wheelbarrow

Partner push and pull down and back.

Mosey to prison yard.

15-12rep circuit on my count.

15 Carolina Dry Dock
15 squats
15 Merkins
15 squats
15 wide Merkins
20 second rest


The W x20ic
Pretzel crunch x10ic each side
Box cutter x20ic
Low Flutter x20ic

Hard work gents, was a pleasure to lead.

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