Iron Ladders

2 Harrisburg Iron Faithful got HUGE this morning. Not really, but we had a heck of a full body workout. It went like this:

Warmup: Short mosey to end of lot and back, SSH (IC) x15, IST (IC) x10, Windmill (IC) x10, Merkin (IC) x10, Arm circles

Thang: Curb to curb ladders on even # climb (2-4-6-8-10)

  • SET 1 – Merkin Alternating Cross-Overs (ladder), forward run travel, 10 Air Squats on other side, backward run travel
  • Superset – 12 Hammer Curls, 12 Overhead Tri Ext, 12 Hammer Curls, 12 Overhead Tri Ext
  • SET 2 – Snatch and Press (ladder), Bear Crawl travel, 10 Jump Squats, Crawl Bear travel
  • Superset – 12 Side Squats, 12 Dead Lifts, 12 Side Squats, 12 Dead Lifts
  • SET 3 – Merkin with Side Row (ladder), Lunge Walk travel, 10 Mtn Climbers, Lunge Walk travel
  • Superset – 12 Upright Rows, 12 Arnold Shoulder Presses, 12 Upright Rows, 12 Arnold Shoulder Presses

Mary: Mason Twist w/ bells x15


  1. It is always an honor to lead. ThanksĀ for the opportunity!
  2. STRONG work this morning Casper! Way to push through all the sets. The muscle trembling let’s you know it’s working. I’m glad each of us still have the teeth we showed up with. And a special thanks for not having me do this one solo.
  3. This workout will definitely hit the replay list again.

4 thoughts on “Iron Ladders

  1. Bull2

    @Casper – way to put in the work with the personal trainer @Clueless.

    Looks like the KB crew was hit with the day of rest for the Corp Cup tomorrow…Should see some good times tomorrow morning.

  2. Gamma

    Looked like a good one, @Clueless. Hated to miss my favorite workout of the week, but like @Bull said, had to rest. With you at the helm, couldn’t risk trying to run a day after something like KB step-ups….

  3. Casper

    Personal trainer thing was great. @Cluekess’ rate was very favorable. Appreciated the camaraderie and very challenging workout @Clueless. Will sleep good tonight.

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