Boogidy, Boogidy, Boogidy, Let’s Go Racing

Welcome to Friday morning acceleration with F3, where you run and the weather doesn’t matter.  This fine morning, five of Harrisburg’s men drug themselves out of bed for some sprints and other shenanigans.

Warm Up:

  • 800m run

The Thing:

  • Field Drills (back peddle down goal post line, sprint diagonally towards 50 yard line, backpeddle 50 yard line, sprint across back to start) X3.
  • 100 meter dash x 4
  • 50m sprint, back peddle 50m, 100m sprint x3
    • Mosey 200m
  • Hostage Run (Start on the ground at the start/finish line, get up quickly and safely-50m sprint, back on the ground). X8  or one full lap
    • Mosey 100m
  • Suicides (10 lunges, 100m sprint, 20 air squats, 100m back)
    • Mosey 100m
  • NASCAR Sprints- (50m slow stride, 50m all out sprint) X3


  1. Word to the wise, if you are ever taken hostage, don’t make a break for it on ice.
  2. Strong performance by everyone this morning!  Lots of different lead changes today.
  3. Hats off to Bull for coming out early and getting 2.5 miles in before acceleration
  4. Turns out Deuce is a lot faster without his boots, might need to start running with boots from now on…
  5. Great words from Gapper, “The pain means you’re alive”.  Fit this workout pretty well.
  6. It was a pleasure leading you men this morning.

Magic Man…now you see me, now you don’t

-The Magnificent

3 thoughts on “Boogidy, Boogidy, Boogidy, Let’s Go Racing

  1. Gapper

    Great Q this morning, Magnificent. Brutal for sure, especially for those of us who actually get to parallel on our squats. Right, Easy Rider?

    I want to see a forensics specialist analyze Deuce’s sprinting footprints. “Based on stride length & impact, he was an 11 foot tall biped wearing combat boots who took 8 strides to cover 100 meters…”

    1. Deuce

      @Gapper- That’s funny, I was wondering how Uneasy Rider was getting done with the squats so fast.

      Jurasssic Park, here I come.

      @TheMagnificent- Tough lead. I was hoping for a little light jogging, but got so much more. Ouch!

  2. Bull2

    @Magic Man – Another great lead. Thanks for taking us to Talladega…hated it.

    @Pax – great work….way to push it.

    Too bad @Solocup missed his favorite day of the week. He and lot’s of other guys resting up – Good Luck tomorrow at the Corp Cup.

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