A Chubby Checker Favorite

4 pax posted in the gloom for a Chubby Checker favorite: The Twist.

The Thang

  • Kneeling Series: Angels Breath, Salute Side-Sretch R/L, Spinal Twist, Neck Rolls, Shoulder Rolls R/L, Shoulder Bind R/L.
  • Table Series: Cat/Cow, Spinal Balance, Awkward Airplane, Gate, Half-knot (twist), Thoracic Bridge. Repeato other side.
  • Plank Series: Plank~ 20 secs, Merkins x10, Plank~ 20 secs, Three-Levels Plank, Elbow Plank w/leg & arm extensions~ 20 secs each side.
  • 2.0 pose, 2.0 Side-Stretch R/L, Revolved 2.0 (twist) R/L.
  • Down Dog, Revolved Down Dog (twist), Three Point. Repeato other side.
  • Forward Fold, Half-Forward Fold, Chair, Spinal Twist R/L.
  • Lunge, Crescent, Lunge w/bind, Spinal Twist, Side-Angle, Revolved Side-Angle (twist). Repeato other side.
  • LBC x25
  • WWII Situps OYO- 20
  • Homer-to-Marge Merry Medley, includes: Homer-to-Marge, Low Dolly, Rosalita, Low Flutter (feet never touch the ground).
  • Ball, Windshield Wiper Legs.

COT w/Road Warriors


  1. Lots of moans and grunts this morning.  Hope YHC didn’t twist you up too much.
  2. The Homer-to-Marge Medley really tested those lower back muscles.   Use Forward Fold, Ball or Windshield Wiper to released them if they cramp during the day.
  3. YHC had another series of poses planned, but we ran out of time. Sorry!



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  1. Clueless

    Great lead @Deuce! I know I was feeling stretches in places I’ve never felt stretches before… not sure if that was a good or bad thing quite yet.

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