Tradition Speed

5 guys opted for some running this morning.  We met at the Church and it went a little something like this.

5 mins of stretching.  Each guy led a stretch.  Some not as flexible as others……

1 mile warm up run down into the golf course.

Hill sprints were the goal today.  Many different hills of various grades and distance were conquered!

finished up with some mud run training on the practice field.

Sprints up the haunted daycare hill, forwards and backwards.

the actually warm moleskin;

  1. Nice change of pace from our usual long run!
  2. Striker is a lot faster than the rest of us!
  3. Funky is a lot slower than the rest of us.
  4. Trail Mix, Blind date and I are “the rest of us”

6 thoughts on “Tradition Speed

  1. Chicken Strip

    Hate I had to miss the run but I was in Hickory visiting my folks. I was with you in spirit as I worked out with the Hickory F3. I managed to confuse them with the way I say my nickname and got a new nickname: Chicken Strip Batter. I wonder how confused everyone would be if I introduced myself with that nickname: Tyson “Chicken Strip Batter” Badders…

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