Changing Gears

6 of Harrisburgs men joined in the morning cold to work on some acceleration.  Some were a little weary about the things to come and the couple of icy spots on the track. However they indulged in The Thing:

#Warm Up

  • 800 meter


  • 1-800 meter run (thought I wrote 2, good thing I’m not an English major)
  • jog ~50 meters
  • 2-400 meter run (progression of 25% running pace every 100 meters)
  • jog ~50 meters
  • 3-300 meter run
  • jog back to 300 meter start each time
  • 4-200 meter run
  • jog/walk back to 200 meter start


  • 1st 200 meter-run it looked like we had some sandbaggers
  • 2nd 200 meter run-YHC: let’s split up the slower pax and faster pax and put the slower pax up front for a 75 meter head start.
  • 3rd 200 meter run- YHC: looks like we gave them too big of a lead and UnEasy Rider is still sandbagging. 50 meter head start for the slower pax
  • 4th 200 meter run- YHC: good hustle by everyone, let’s only give them a 25 meter lead


  1. Thank you for the opportunity to lead my first Q and bearing with me this morning! Had an amazing time leading everyone and there will be more to come.
  2. @Bull was a machine as always tring to squeeze in extra jogging
  3. Amazing performance by everyone on the 300’s and especially the 200’s!
  4. Props to @Duece, @Gapper, and @Solo Cup for putting on the afterburners and holding a good lead on those last 200 meters.

Thanks again,

The Magnificent

13 thoughts on “Changing Gears

  1. SoloCup

    Tough post and a great workout. We are lucky to have you and SS Minnow in the PAX.

    Outstanding VQ bud, Looking forward the next one.

  2. Bull2

    @The Magnificent – Great Q this morning. Those shorter distances are tough. It seems like you had done that workout once or twice before.

    @Uneasy Rider – you had some good runs this morning. I wonder what happens if you string a few of them together #Sandbagsareforsaturdays. I think I heard you say that you had a few more gears….sounds like you are petitioning for some of the tougher legs at BRR – you can put the lower gears to work climbing the hills.

    @Pax – solid work this morning. I felt like someone as missing I could have sworn that someone said that they would be there this morning – despite the ice #Iprefercarolinastylebbq

    @Riptide – last week of rest / recovery?

  3. Hootie

    Acceleration BB’s have become I favorite to check out. The Hootinanny is envious of you guys and looks forward to being able to burn it up with you on Friday AM’s.

    Tclaps to Gapper…solid showing week after week posting with those cheetahs. Nice work man. All the more reason for me to get my wing working and get back out.

  4. BBQ

    Looks like I missed a good one. Sorry I wasn’t there for the VQ @The Magnificent. Look forward to the others you lead.

    @Bull – with the legs getting a rest this AM, I should have no problem keeping pace with you at 0600 tomorrow. See you in the gloom (if you can catch me). #mayregretsayingthat

  5. The Magnificent Post author

    Thanks everyone! Friday’s are defiantly a new favorite for me @Gapper. Glad to see you and @Solo Cup give me a run for my money on that last 200!

    @BBQ & @Hootie -hate y’all missed out this morning. Had @Bull to keep me on my toes though.

    I was hopping to get some 100’s in too, but looks like that will be for another time…

    1. SSMinnow

      @TheMagnificent…could tell you’ve been around the track more than a few times…that was a well planned workout…look forward to more of them

      @Pax…good work by everyone this morning

  6. Riptide

    Great VQ Magnificent and great work by the PAX – sorry I missed it.

    @Bull – last week of recovery, so I must be tapering next week.. for the HRMS 5k next Sat! (

    Nice to see the pre-Bull run trash talk already going – looking forward to it, since there is nothing else going on all day due to this terrible blizzard…

  7. Hootie

    @BBQ…feeling froggy lately…I like it. May want to focus on beating your M before you start trying to tackle Bull. Now excuse me while I go work on my hip with my pink ankle weights.

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