Flexibility and Core Galore

3 fine Harrisburg F3er’s sought out flexibility and core strengthening this morning to start the day off right. Mission accomplished The Thang went something like this…

Warmup: Slow high knees, high knee jog, upright mountain climbers, chest press off of knees, squat jumps, larger arm circles, small arm circles

Light Stretching: Mountain pose, mountain pose w/ neck rolls, smelly arm pits, side lunge (onto to toe), garland pose, pigeon pose progression, eye of the needle

Core Work: Straight leg raise, straight leg raise w/ same side toe touch, dual leg raise w/ toe touch, dual heel taps, cat to cow

Upper body work: Yerpies,  up and under merkins, child’s pose, 4 count slow merkins, spider up merkins

Warrior Progression: Chair pose, prayer twist, forward fold, plank to cobra or up dog, to down dog, to lunge, to crescent, to warrior one, to warrior two, to reverse (peaceful) warrior, to warrior three

Mary (sort of): Low plank hold, low plank crunch progression – knee in/knee out each side, both knees in/both knees out, add knees up/knees down

NakedMan Moleskin:

  1. Great work this morning gentlemen. It was an honor to lead.
  2. Thanks for playing along with some newer exercises. Those low plank crunches are deceivingly tough.

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