Chaos Ensues

Four men started Road Warrior, things got a little hairy, Five came back (eventually)

 The Thang:

@SSMinnow, @UneasyRider, @TheMagnificent, @SoloCup start off

  • Up Kee Lane
  • Right on Physicians Blvd
  • Right on Roberta Road
  • Left on Parallel Drive Cross over Morehead Road, to Valhalla Drive
  • Right on Williams Road (Roller Coaster), Up Lakeview Drive, Left on Valhalla Drive

 It’s around this time YHC noticed no one was running with him. @TheMagnificent and @SSMinnow were about 1/4 mile ahead, @UneasyRider was behind, nowhere in sight.

  •  Left on Williams Road (Roller Coaster), Up Lakeview Drive, Left on Valhalla Drive

 YHC passes @TheMagnificent and @SSMinnow coming back for the six.  YHC states he lost @UneasyRider a few miles back. “ Dynamic Duo” head back to find him.  YHC keeps going to the end of Valhalla Drive and turns around. 

  • Down Valhalla Drive

Where the heck did everyone go? Consider leaving everyone out there to freeze to death 

  • Mosey down to Ford Street

Who’s that shadowy figure running in the dark? @UneasyRider

  • Double time it back up Valhalla Drive

Head lamp in the distance.  It’s @SSMinnow.  YHC: “Where is @TheMagnificent?” @SSMinnow: “He Ran BBQ Loop one more time” YHC: “Stud” 

  • Cross over Parrallel Drive

 @SSMinnow turns on the afterburners.  Geez, that guy is fast. Lose @UneasyRider again.  Must have doubled back to find @TheMagnificent.  

  • Left on Roberta Road
  • Right On Main St.
  • Sprint to Town Hall

 @SSMinnow is waiting. @UnEasyRider  and @TheMagnificent come back two minutes later via Physicians Blvd. @Deuce said he ran.  Not sure of the mileage or where. He was late and may have also participated in  Broga too. 

  • YHC’s watch: 5.47 miles
  • @SSMinnow: 6.02
  • My Guess, @UnEasyRider  did 5.25ish and @TheMagnificent 7ish


COT/ WarriorOne


  1. Thank you for the opportunity to “lead” men. Moving forward, I will probably give everyone a little bit more information on the route prior to the run.
  2. Strong performance by @SSMinnow and @TheMagnificent. Amazing physical and mental strength there.
  3. @UnEasyRider said he followed someone  in a gray hoodie for a little bit, turns out it was some guy walking his dog. Even @SoloCup has impersonators, just like Elvis. #ThereCanBeOnlyOne.  I feel kind of bad that I look like a guy walking his dog when I run.  #NeedToPickUpThe Pace
  4. Hump Day Happy Hour tonight at 6 PM Flannigan’s. @Escalade has the Q.


Solo Cup

7 thoughts on “Chaos Ensues

  1. BBQ

    @Solo Cup – looks like the only other thing missing from the chaos were some cars, trucks, or snow plows to run you over. Road Warriors may all need to invest in some blinky lights. No cool points for wearing them but help locate missing PAX and avoids the dog walking, hoodie wearing, lookalikes.

    @PAX #BRR2015 training in full swing, awesome!

  2. SSMinnow

    @Solo Cup … nice lead … twice around the roller-coaster loop makes for a strenuous run

    @Banjo Boy … pass … I do hope you get a taker though, and get back out there soon

    @Uneasy Rider … way to hang tough … maybe after #BRR15 when you have your very own headlamp, you will be able to tell the difference between @Solo Cup and a dog walker in the gloom

    @The Magnificent … enjoyed running together … congratulations on your upcoming graduation

  3. Earl Coble

    Thanks @SSMINNOW ! Should be able to step up my game a little after graduation.

    Talked with Joe in the car afterwards. Explained that this is why @UnEasyRider needs practice laps before he races.

  4. Deuce

    I did run. I don’t know where or how far either. I just kept turning on roads I remember from the backblasts.
    Great lead Solo Cup, I guess.

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