You always remember your first ;-)

14 Harrisburg men met in the “wintery mix” to get them self stronger and increase their endurance.  Here’s how it went down…

WARM-UP (X denotes cadence):
Mosey from the upper parking lot, down the back trail to the pond (watch the ice), circle up. Disclaimer.
Mountain Climbers X15
Air Squats X15
…Repeato entire set X10, then again X5
Mosey to the fence-line adjacent to the parking lot by the track/soccer field

Using the fence for the next series of exercises we lined up the PAX 2-per section of fence.  The routine went like this…..
1. OYO 20 incline or decline merkins (you pick) using the top or lower fence railing
2. OYO 20 “Jump Overs” the top rail of the fence (First BS call of the day by Schedule C – YES!)
3. OYO 20 dips (you pick high or low railing)
4.  Run 1 lap around track

Repeat exercises OYO X15, X10, X5 with a lap run in between for a total of 4 laps around the track.  OK, now YHC needs to be honest, I though that was going to take us all the way until Mary but  the very strong PAX finished this in 20 min!!  YHC had to #comeupwithsomethingquick to fill in the time.  His #onthefly idea went something like this…

1.  Bear Crawl from the Soccer field goal line to midfield
2. 10 Burpees OYO
3. 5 Jackwebb’s starting at 1 – 5
4. LBC’s X15
Repeato from midfield to opposite goal line and back (4x).  Everything the same just reverse the Jackwebb’s (i.e. 5-1)

Mosey through the parking lot and up the road to the PAX parking area for Mary

MARY (X denotes cadence):
1. Oblique Toe Taps on left side X10, repeato on right (Thank you Clueless!)
2. “W” X10
3. Freddy Mercury X10
4. Homer to Marge X5


1.  Thank you for allowing me to lead.  This was my FIRST Saturday bootcamp Q and I realize I still have a lot to learn to be a better Q.  I appreciate any tips or comments so don’t be shy when commenting below.  #Lookingforwardtomoreopportunities
2. Welcome FNG – Cootie (or it is with a “K”?-David Groseclose).  @Swami, good to see you again and thank you for the EH on your friend! @Cootie – it doesn’t get any easier but you WILL get stronger!
3.@Schedule C – Thank you for the early BS call!!  I hope that was sincere and you were not just trying to make me feel good!
4.  @Schedule C mentioned something about a High Country GORUCK Challange.  Speak to him if interested.
5. @Escalade is Qing the Flannagans 2nd “F” on Wednesday next week.  He is getting there by 5pm (?) and will meet the rest of the PAX around 6 or 7pm inebriated and under the table near the rear of the dining room.
6.  Thank you to all the PAX who attended the WoE community service project today.  There will be one more opportunity to help next weekend (2/28).  See @SSMinnow for more details.

5 thoughts on “You always remember your first ;-)

  1. Gamma

    @Othello – great lead, and even better job ignoring the heckling! Arms were jello after the work on the field. Well done, sir.

    @Dave/Cootie – welcome to F3. Strong work on your first post.

  2. escalade

    Great job Othello. There was some lingering dicussion about the beatdown at the Wings Of Eagles.. Trust me, we were sore. 200 yards of Bear Crawl… Enough said.

  3. BBQ

    Nice Q @Othello. Welcome out @Cooties, look forward to seeing you back out for some more pain. It only makes you stronger.

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