Grocery Store Recognition

Some arrived and sat in their car until the last minute. Some sat in their car and revved their engines. Some ran in. Some arrived from far away foreign lands (like South Cackalacky.) And some just arrived in the nick of time (for announcements). Regardless, a dozen PAX wit swag and nothing but eyes showing out-posted the single-digit degree gloom to generate some heat from their internal combustion engines and here be how we git down.

The Thang
Fellowship mosey out the bus lot, past the golf club and across the bridge. Up the walking path to #lowerMcChesney (that’s a real place… a thing if you will.) YHC felt the tension as he stood in the middle of rival territory. #upperMcChesney

2:30 @ 5k pace / 2:30 @ recovery and regroup
Rinse and repeat x 6 (I think)
Route: up McChesney, left on HCP to the back entrance, 180 and return back to the starting cul-de-sac by way of the same route
Fellowship mosey back to the #VSF


– Tradition Anniversary Happy Hour – March 4(?)th at CAH
– Run the Creek 5k – March 21 at HCES
– USMC MudRun – the F3 Super Bowl – April 11

The Shemagh-wrapped Moleskine
– Plenty o’ mumblechatter of late re: whether we’d recognize each other in the grocery store without all the jackets, hats, face wraps and #ovenmitts. We should all challenge ourselves and each other to peel back the layers of our fellow PAX so we not only know them by face, but begin to know their heart. #gloomworkassignment
– Good to have Lexington’s @Yellow_Cake out with us for the 2nd year in a row. Had to be tough to peel yourself away from the fam and out of that warm lodge. Could tell you 1) got a decent workout and 2) were a fellow Northerner when you peeled off all those layers post-beatdown and let your hair freeze.
– Good work by all the PAX today… way to keep moving and pushing. Keep investing in the Cruise and Speed and it will pay off at the Run the Creek 5k, the USMC MudRun, BRR, etc. See you all next week… especially you @ChickenStrip.
– Impressive showing by @Derby who sat in his car beforehand revving his engine (correlation with the duct tape holding your bumper together?), then got out and revved it until COT by leading many of the intervals.
– Similarly impressive performance put up by @Ironhide who led his fair share of intervals after running in to the AO… only to almost (I said almost) be stranded by @TheNanny who seems to be operating on @Stoli-plus time these days.
– If you can post the last two days, there’s no reason you can’t continue @R2D2, @Derby, @Glock, @Balcksheep, @Dingo, @ChickenStrip, @TheNannywithanewalarm, etc. Great numbers… let’s keep it g(r)o(w)ing.