You’re love is like a……ROLLERCOASTER!

4 men took on the ice this morning at the Tradition Cruise!

the Thang;

jog down to first intersection in Winchester neighborhood.


down, up, down, up, down, up.


jog back to AO

Mary – led by Iron Fist Q Dutch

the Moleskin;

  1. good to see some “irregulars” out there this morning in Jelly and Funky!  Thanks to FIA for cancelling(sounds like a girly group).
  2. great to see Trail mix making running a regular part of his week!
  3. FYI – drink water!!  Ok…..that was just for me!  Major calf cramps this morning.
  4. great work for getting out of bed today gents!  Tomorrow will be even harder!

1 thought on “You’re love is like a……ROLLERCOASTER!

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    Glad I could make it out for an easy run. Rest your leg. It’s going to be even colder tomorrow.

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