Baby itttttts coooooold ooouuttsiiiiiide

24 degrees with a wind chill of 18, so states Weatherbug.  Didn’t feel a degree less than freezing……at least till our pack of 7 got warmed up.  After Clueless going solo yesterday, braving enough ice on roads to close schools for a 2nd day was the least 7 of your fellow F3ers could do as we got our bodies good!

Warmup: SSH x 25, IST x20, Airsquats x 20 on your own

Thang: Start our 4 plus mile jaunt in front of Old Glory.  Head over Main St. to Roberta Rd., L onto Roberta, R onto Parallel Dr., Stay on Parallel till it becomes Plaza Dr. prior to Moorehead Rd., cross Moorehead Rd. (look both ways twice), now we are on Valhalla Dr.(go figure, only in the south can roads change names 3 times in less than a mile), Stay on Valhalla till we take a right onto Ford St., trek through some hazardous ice , left onto Williams, nice hill in these parts, left onto Lakeview Dr., real icy on this corner, run this incline road till we get to Valhalla again, go L and start heading back to Mary.  Follow Valhalla/Plaza/Parallel till we cross over Roberta, couple of steps on the icy median between Roberta and Harrisburg Plaza, R onto Harrisburg Plaza, L onto Physicians Blvd, L onto Kee Ln., R onto Main for a little extra around H’Burg Town hall, L onto Town Hall Plaza, L onto Town Center Rd, L onto Kee, and back to where we began our journey less than 40 minutes prior.

Mary:  As we were out of time, we called it a “productive” early morning.



  • Enjoy the running chatter.  Always makes run more enjoyable.  Learned Uneasy Rider may have (not sure what “may have” means) dated my next door neighbor, Sun Dial is expecting his 4th child in June (and they will all be under the age of 5), and went down memory lane with Gamma discussing the legendary workout around this time last year in the ice and snow at The Ridge.
  • Those coyotes Clueless was looking over his shoulder for the morning before were not spotted by us either.  Keep your eyes out if you are out alone early mornings, or evenings for that matter.  Would hate to have a coyote casualty amongst the group!
  • Appreciate BBQ heading back a few times to make sure no man was left behind.  He probably squeaked in 4.33 miles or so.
  • Great job all, really appreciate the early morning comrodery.
  • “The best way to predict the future is to create it”    Abraham Lincoln


4 thoughts on “Baby itttttts coooooold ooouuttsiiiiiide

  1. RibShack

    Thanks for the lead @Casper!
    Good talking with you Gamma though you showed your real speed there at the end, thanks for hanging back with me.
    Thanks to @BBQ for the circle backs. We really were protecting the PAX from any sneak coyote attacks from the rear!

  2. SunDial

    And from what I’ve heard Solo Cup discussing during Mary at times, you definitely want to protect against “rear” attacks…

  3. Casper Post author

    Again, always a pleasure to start my mornings with you all! Our early morning workouts definately give us a “Slight Edge” in life!! Watch out for the coyotes!!!

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