Was there a memo?

“What’s a little ice”? This should add to the fun. I wonder what the Q has in store for these conditions. 5:00 – morning wakeup routine, check e-mail and temp, nope, no cancellation notes, get dressed. 5:15 – open garage door… ah, this isn’t bad at all, I’m on my way. 5:20 – hrhs, hello mr. sheriff, nope… not doing donuts… expect to see a few more cars roll through. 5:25 – was there a memo?… maybe I should be on Twitter… nah, I’ve got info overload as it is. 5:29 – uhhh… maybe this will be a solo one. 5:30 – well I’m here, I may as well do something

Warmup: SSH, IST, Windmill, Merkin, Lunge


  • Polar Bear Crawl (same as Bear Crawl, but on ice) to parking island – 10 Burpees, 30 Air Squats, 20 Merkins… repeato x5 to end of lot… do it again on the way back for total of 10 sets.
  • Gotta take advantage of the ice…Apolo Anton Ohno’s down and back (“I hope there’s no security coverage of this weirdo”)
  • Still got some time… Jack Webb it to 10 w/ x2 air presses

Mary: Homer to marge 4 count, 5 count power abs


  1. In your own head with random thoughts is a strange place to be. It was on set 3 of the trip away from the car that I started to think… maybe this wasn’t such a great idea given that coyote that was in the yard Sunday night… what about my heart… how strong is it… how long would it take someone to find me if I fall over. Set 5… would I be pushing harder if others were around… not sure, but keep pushing, that coyote probably has friends. Set 7 on the way back… this is great, I’m getting closer to the car and could probably scissor kick that coyote and beat him to the car. Set 8… thank the Good Lord for the opportunity to enjoy some AM exercise out in the crisp air… push harder to the end.
  2. This morning made me realize again how much I truly appreciate the Fellowship of the F3 brotherhood. Solo is okay now and again, but sharing the experience with others and having the “iron sharpens iron” mentality is a driving force of bettering the whole.

Peace and Safety,


11 thoughts on “Was there a memo?

  1. Fonzie

    A Solo Mission post makes for a stronger man, and a greater appreciation for your brothers.
    Plus, you now have bragging rights that they don’t.
    Well done, Clueless.

  2. SunDial

    What can I say, other than you are a man’s man?!
    Well done this morning, very impressive!
    I had the Q, but upon both Gamma and I checking the roads and determining I wouldn’t be able to get out of the neighborhood (I live on a hill), we cancelled. Now I feel like a chump! I owe you one Q. 🙂

  3. escalade

    Well done! It was bound to happen eventually. A solo PAX on a really bad day. Sorry you were out there alone. Not only were you badass enough to show, and bad ass enough to follow through with the post, but you also did the backblast! It looked like a killer workout. #inspired!

  4. Titleist

    Seriously, Clueless? You deserve a medal…heck, at LEAST an award! That is pretty impressive. I don’t even have words to say anything else…

  5. Billy Goat

    Holy crap that was a good read! Thoughts of you on an ice filled deserted parking lot, rolling around working out, has got to make a top 10 YouTube Security Video list! Oh by the way @Clueless, basketball practice is canceled tonight, ha!

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