Precinct on Ice

3 of #Precinct’s bravest shook off the unusually alluring fartsack, and shuffled out on foot to the AO for YHC’s (bootcamp) VQ.  After a legitimate disclaimer was given, we got to it.

The Thang

Mosey to Prison Yard for Warm Ups:

SSH x20

Windmill x10

Arm Circles x 10

Calf Raises x10

In honor of the circus recently coming to town, we did our own little circus walk for the prison yard…

Corner 1: 20 Mericans

Corner 2: 20 Squats

Corner 3: 20 Mountain Climbers

Corner 4: 20 LBCs

Round 1, Polar Bear Crawl between corners

Round 2, Duck walk between corners

Round 3, Chimp walk between corners

Round 4, Cheetah (aka sprint) between corners (5 or 10 burpees at each corner for this round)

Mosey to the Gun Range (aka Playground, where we work on our guns…)

10 Pullups, 15 Swingset Mericans, 20 Dips; Repeato

Mosey to Wall

People’s Chair (1 minute)

10 Derkins (Feet 12 inches off ground)

10 Derkins (Feet all the way up on wall)

Mosey back to Prison Yard for Mary

LBC x20

Snow Angel x12

Reverse Crunch x12

Mason Twist x20


The Icy Moleskin

– TClaps to those who posted today; the ice was actually easier than I thought it would be to move around in; except for burpees – those seemed much more difficult than usual for some reason

– I hate the chimp walk


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  1. Skipper

    T-Claps @TrailMix! and @Icicle and @ManDown for posting on an icy morning! Gun Range? Ahoy! I likey!!

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