Friday the 13th started off on the right foot when, after five weeks of dry runs, five of Harrisburg’s finest came together for the launch of F3 Harrisburg’s speed workout at Hickory Ridge Middle School Track…the lights around the track were even on for us. Twenty-six degrees and a calm, moonlit sky provided perfect conditions for some hard running.

Here’s how it went down:

4 laps of warmup at 2F pace

2 x 1200 m

2 x 800 m

2 x 400 m

with 2 minutes of jogging between each interval

2 cool-down laps


It was an honor to lead this new workout, men. Keep coming out…and sign up to Q. You will get faster, and speed work improves your endurance too.

This was a tough workout, with increasing intensity….there was some well-earned wheezing at the end of the 400m repeats.

@Solo Cup, @Gapper, @BBQ, @Bull….strong push by all of you…this speed work will pay off in those short bursts between obstacles at the mud run.


Mud Run registration deadline is March 1…here’s the link for F3 registration:

Couch to 5K program is still just a few weeks old….see @Solo Cup about this

Wings of Eagles Ranch – service (and big-time 2nd F) opportunity in Mt Pleasant….Feb 21 and Feb 28 (9am – 4pm or any portion)…this will be construction and clean-up work in support of upcoming “Heal our Heroes” weekend retreats which are aimed at helping post 9/11 disabled veterans. . We have about a dozen pax and 2.0’s (14 yr and older) signed up on both days already and can accommodate as many as are interested…….free lunch too!  Contact YHC if you can help.

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