Wingin it

15 of the strongest men in Harrisburg reiterated that fact and got a little stronger this AM at The Ridge.

The mile-long train between the Q’s house and the lack of a #Winkie uped the nerves of YHC and after coming in on two wheels (who knew that a Camry could handle speed humps so well?) we got right to it.

Warmarama: Mosey down the lane with high knees and butt kicks and then circle up.  Windmill x10, SSH X20, Blimp routine (Hindenburg when YHC is in charge) sans plank jacks.  I knew that I forgot something.

The Thing:

Mosey to the Ridge.  1 merkin at the bottom, quadrophilia up, 1 burpee, forward down the other side, 1 merkin, quadrophilia back up, 1 burpee, forward down to the start, 2 merkins.  Repeato and add a rep to each station until we get to 5.

Mosey to the launch point and circle up.  Teach the yankees a new term: Reckon.  As in “I reckon we will do some chibatta now.”  Turned out to be “Chibatta lite.”

Squat – 8 rounds; LBC – 6 rounds of various crunches (regular, opposite elbow to knee, reverse); Merkins – 4 rounds (regular, diamond, wide, your choice except “preteen girl”); Lunge – 2 rounds.

Mary – With the echos of “where’s @Solocup?” still ringing – Crunchy Frog x15; M’aktar Ndye x5 right x5 left.



  • It was good time today fellas.  Thank you for putting up with my haphazard lead.
  • I thought that everyone had heard the term “reckon.”  It blew me away.  It is in the bible so it is not new.  You have to look in the King James Version though.  They talked kinda funny back then.  It can be used in place of “think” and fun to use in regular conversation.  As @ribshack said, “I reckon I’l have some livermush with mah grits over yonder after while.”

That is all.

Banjo Boy

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  1. Gamma

    @BanjoBoy – tough one this morning. Workouts don’t need to be fancy, just effective….no #weinke required!

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