Soggy Bottom Pax

15 men fought the comfort of the #fartsack to push themselves and each other in the wetlands of Harrisburg. Much merriment was had by all. And by merriment, I mean mud, sweat and pain.

Warm Up

  • SSH x 15
  • Windmill x 10
  • Mountain Climber x 10
  • IW x 15

The Thang
Run to practice field behind school for: wait, that field is REALLY wet. Um, lets run a little more and look for a dryer (somewhat) spot.

  • 8-count Body Builder Burpees x 10 / 8 / 6 / 6
  • LBC (Touch knees w/elbow) x 50 / 40 / 30 / 20
  • High Knees x 10 / 8 / 6 / 4
  • Merkins x 10 / 10 / 10 / 10
  • Peoples Chair x 60 sec

Lets shake the mud and water off with a short run and a dryer spot.

  • SSH x 50 / 40 / 30
  • Plank Jacks x 25 / 20 / 15
  • Reverse Crunch x 25 / 20 / 15
  • Air Squat x 25 / 25 / 25
  • Plank x 60 sec (and by 60 seconds, @Escalade means 90 seconds, thanks for the push!)

This area is a little fuzzy. Maybe @Gamma can fill in down in the comments. 🙂


  • Welcome @Helga! Great having you this morning. See you Thursday.
  • Strong work by everyone out there, I saw people pushing themselves and each other. Aye!
  • I couldn’t hear all the #mumblechatter but @Clueless gave a semi-BS call during our first evolution. Clearly, I need to work up to a majority of the pax calling BS, or maybe I wasn’t listening. Either way, I’ll try harder next time.
  • I wanted to add a bit more for the COT so I here is my daily thought:
    Be present today. We are all wrapped up in our lives, phones, work, etc. I’m not saying we don’t all have a million things going on but lets try to be a little more present and in the moment. When you are talking to the M or SO, put the phone down. When the kids are around, turn off the TV, put the phone down (work can wait until they go to bed) and be present. It’s such a simple thing to do but so hard. I struggle with it myself. Small steps brothers, small steps.
  • As always, I am humbled by the dedicated men that show up every morning no matter the weather to let me lead them to become stronger. Thank you.

14 thoughts on “Soggy Bottom Pax

  1. Schedule C Post author

    Nothing I love more than getting out in the wet and cold for an early morning workout, You guys killed it out there today. Be proud of what you did and do more next time.

    @Clueless, I’m claiming my March dates! Better get yours!


  2. RibShack

    @Clueless couldn’t call BS, he was the only one wearing a body condom! On second thought, wearing something waterproof was the smartest thing anyone could have done today! (he’ll refute this I’m sure but we know the truth!!)
    @Gapper- you can’t claim too much credit, you were the only one dry out there in the ring of mud, good move to relocate to the porch!
    @Othello, my sentiments exactly when you said “I dunno what to do with my legs” on those wall sits.
    @Schedule C- that was the 1st post that afterward I couldn’t walk in the house without some major disrobing. Good one sir!

    1. Schedule C Post author

      @RibShack I was a muddy mess when I walked in the house, too! Good times. I threw most of the outer layers in my ruck and was trying to keep the interior of the Jeep from getting too dirty. Stress!

  3. RibShack

    @Helga- don’t forget, it doesn’t always rain in the ‘Burg nor does @ScheduleC Q every time! Come back for a @BBQ or @Gamma special or even a @Clueless beat down! (insert any of our Q’s names there, they are all top notch) Glad to have you out, hope to see you again soon!

  4. Gamma

    @ScheduleC – great workout, and even better thoughts in COT! Way to push us all. 40 degrees and rain always seem to make you work even harder. Mary went something like this:

    Low Flutter x51 (since 50 seemed to be your thing today, and 51 is one louder)
    Pretzel Crunch x10 each side

    @Helga – great seeing you again, and welcome to the neighborhood!

    1. Schedule C Post author

      @Gamma, Thanks for the reminder. I had to run to my car to get my pen to write all the names down. Too many of the PAX to remember. Or, maybe my memory is going…

      …wait, what am I doing here?

  5. Clueless

    Fun one @Schedule C! Where were the superman/bananas though? I woke up this morning, considered the weather, considered that @Schedule C had the Q, and put on my 24 year old high school baseball slick with the thought… I know we’ll be on the ground at some point. Had to break out the vintage stuff for @Schedule C. It would have been great if it were waterproof, but no luck @RibShack.

    Welcome @Helga! Look forward to seeing you out in the future.

    1. Schedule C Post author

      @Clueless DOH! I can’t believe I forgot those this morning. That would have been killer! I was so oxygen deprived that I wasn’t able to go off of my weinke. Next time for sure!!!

      Reminder to self: When it’s wet we do Superman/Bananas. In the mud. Lots of them.

  6. SSMinnow

    $ScheduleC…this was a workout to remember…I’m still feeling those high rep counts on a lot of the exercises… I like the way you sprinkle in some corrective guidance during the cadence too…that really does help keep the focus on proper form…#almostprofessionalgradeinstruction

    @Gapper…glad you finally shamed yourself into joining the rest of the pax in the bog….maybe bleach will make your shirt white again.

    @Helga…nice to meet you, and good talking with you afterwards…hope to see you back soon

  7. escalade

    Great way to start out the day. Wet, and cold… like my car seat for the 5 hrs of driving afterwards. Next fime a towel is going in the trunk. No need to be paranoid about having wet pants seat for the day. Just slightly damp.. Seriously. Great beatdown! Loved it.

  8. Othello

    OK, I get it. It was wet and there were puddles everywhere but even a dumb dog knows that there was a large amount of concrete not 25yds away that all could have moved to!! Gapper had the right idea but got a quick dose of “herd mentality” and succumbed to the masses (and potential ridicule). All in all, great Q, you keep us on our toes every time!

  9. Gapper

    Hey, if it was such a great idea you should have joined me. Once on my own was fine, but after the 2nd time on my own & nobody joined me I figured a one-man mutiny wouldn’t be very successful.

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