Frosty B.O.M.B.

6 Pax showed up for what turned out to be a pretty chilly and frosty B.O.M.B. beatdown.  YHC signed up to Q last minute, so I threw some exercises together with some moseying and burpees to keep us warm.  Thanks for following!


Mosey around parking lot

SSH 15x

Cotton Picker 15x

Arm Circles

Arm Stretches


3 different sets of exercises (20x, 10x)


KB Curls (2 handed)

KB Standing Triceps Extension

KB Curl and Press

Low flutter with KB press

Low dolly with KB press

Mosey around parking lot

10 Burpees (for warmth)


KB Shoulder Press

High Pull/Upright Row

KB Shoulder Shrugs

LBCs with KB

The Squirm

Mosey around parking lot

10 burpees (again, for warmth)


Merkins with KB

KB pullovers

KB Chest Press

Mosey around parking lot

10 burpees (warmth is there now – these are for strength)


Mary (not necessarily in this order)

Pretzel Crunch x20

Low Flutter/Low Dolly medley

Homer to Marge

Mason Twist

Boxcutter with KB (Mr. Belding Led)

Air Force Situps (Maximus Led)

Air pushups on 6 (Arti Led)

KB swings (Dick Tracy led)

Clean and Press (Mr. Belding led)

@Closer added one and I am drawing a complete blank on what it was – perhaps it was that tough?? Sound off below with what it was since YHC is having memory problems at an early age.

Derby Doubletap (YHC led)


Sweaty Frosty Moleskin:

1) Good to be back after a few days of fartsack winning the battle.  It was a pleasure to lead you all this morning, and thanks for pushing hard today.

2) @Maximus declared that it is officially freezing for a beatdown if the temp is under 25 degrees.  #nowyouknow

3) Great chatting with you afterwards @Dick Tracy.  Glad you and your family are in the area, and wish you the best with the transition down.

4) @Arti – good luck with your son heading to Berkley.  I hope that goes well.

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  1. Maximus_MECA

    @gangsta – I appreciate your positioning the many burpees you had us do as in our best interest to keep us warm.

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