The Twenties

14 men brought their whole bodies out of the fartsack, but they only needed the upper half.


  • Mosey to suicide lot with high knees & buttkickers
  • SSH x10
  • IST x10
  • Windmill x10
  • Small arm circles x10 forward & back
  • Large arm circles x10 forward & back


  • 20 Merkins OYO
  • 20 Air Press OYO
  • 20 Dips OYO
  • 20 Diamond Merkins OYO
  • 20 Carolina Dry Docks OYO
  • Mosey to portico & repeato
  • Mosey to people’s wall & repeato with partner dips
  • Mosey to back of school & repeato
  • Repeato entire cycle but with 10 OYO


  • Russian Twist x2 til YHC lost cadence. Thank goodness Rocky beat Drago, because I wouldn’t be able to make it speaking Russian.
  • Mason Twist x10
  • Low Flutter x10


  • Great work today. Always an honor to lead.
  • For those who couldn’t figure out how to do curb dips, Bonnie’s Bootcamp is here to help.
  • Vegas rules always apply (gotta show to know & what happens at F3 stays at F3), no matter what the grainy security video shows.
  • But a few of you guys seemed to like parts of this workout a little too much. You know who you are.
  • Kettlebells with Clueless tomorrow at Stallings Road Park and Sprint Intervals with Minnow tomorrow at Hickory Ridge Middle School track.
  • Two options Saturday 6am at Harrisburg Park: Bull Run or Mud Run training. Followed by normal 7am workout.
  • Two work days coming up at Wings of Eagles Ranch, who does therapeutic horseback riding for kids with special needs and for wounded warriors. HC to Minnow if you can make it on Saturday 2/21 or 2/28 from roughly 9-4.
  • It’s 7 months & 6 days til Blue Ridge Relay, and we’ll have two teams this year. The 6-man team is full, but we still have room on the 12-man team. See more info on the F3 BRR post or buy my book to support the 2015 Ridge Runners.

9 thoughts on “The Twenties

    1. Deuce

      I was feeling pretty good out there today. I guess skipping a few days did me good.

      @Gapper- Great lead! Way to keep us guessing.

  1. BBQ

    For those that really enjoyed the partner dips, I heard @Gapper say he’s looking for guys to come to his house and help him count Russian Twists. He might even throw in some partner bear crawls if you’re lucky.

    Tclaps @Gapper. Arms are feeling it from this week. Thankful the legs get their turn tomorrow. (uhh, wait – forget that)

  2. Posh :p

    Thanks for the Lead. Will be feeling that tomorrow.
    Were you also going to post a link showing partner dips as well? Seems that a few men had some questions about which way face.
    That Bonnie’s Bootcamp link was very helpful and inspiring :P.

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