Double or nothing

Phil may have predicted 6 more weeks of winter, but 17 men didn’t let that stop them from enduring some pain and push the limits this AM. Endure the pain now, reap the benefits later. And there was pain to be had. Don’t try these exercises at home, especially alone. It takes the entire PAX.  You’ve been warned.

Mosey to end of parking lot
Run parking lot lines (run up line, shuffle left, run backwards down line, shuffle left, repeato, switch direction half way)
Windmill x 10
IST x 15
SSH x 25
Merkins x 10

1 burpee (bottom), run up, 1 jump squat (top), run down.
2 burpees (bottom), run up, 2 jump squats (top), run down.
3 burpees (bottom), run up, 3 jump squats (top), run down.
Repeato to 10 burpees/10 jump squats

1,000 Rep Challenge
10 rounds of 5 exercises in cadence (if you’re confused, that’s 20 reps per exercise)
SSH x 10
Squats x 10
Merkins x 10
Mtn Climber x 10
LBC x 10

Out of time – PAX powered through the 1K challenge instead



  • Total #reps: 250 SSH, 220 merkins, 255 squats/jump squats, 200 mtn climbers, 200 LBC, 55 burpees, 20 windmills, and 30 ISTs. For a grand total of 1230 reps + 1.06 mile mosey.
  • Tclaps to @Solo Cup for introducing the 1,000 rep challenge back during the summer. However, he was too nice, stopping at 500 “due to time.” No way that was gonna happen today.
  • Can’t believe the PAX almost let YHC miss the first set of mtn climbers. How could you live with yourselves?  Saying you completed 1,000 reps but only doing 980.
  • Gonna remember this workout again. Not just the pain from it but how the whole PAX pushed through everything. 600, 700, 800 reps starting getting tough, however the PAX wasn’t ready to quit. Iron sharpens iron.

9 thoughts on “Double or nothing

  1. BBQ Post author

    Once again, nice job guys. Good to see @Escalade back out. And nice of @Sundial to post when he’s not Qing (just had to one last time).

    1. SunDial

      You dog! I have no defense for my absence. :p
      I sure picked a tough one to return on…1,000 was strong! Great lead and great work everyone.

  2. Gamma

    @BBQ – that was brutal…one of the worst/best in a long time. We’ve done 1000 reps a few times before, but not in such a short period of time and certainly not right after a Burpee/JumpSquat ladder.

    Great to see @Escalade back from IR, and @SunDial getting in a tune-up before Saturday’s Q.

  3. RibShack

    Quite the adventure this morning @BBQ! Thanks for the good lead & everyone pushing that 1000 rep segment through to the end. Was cool to see the energy definitely pick up after 8 rounds going for the final two! Maybe it was even trade for not having to do CrunchyFrogs in @SoloCup’s honor? Tclaps to all the shorts wearing Pax today, it was cold enough to freeze the hairs off a turtle, at least for the 1st two minutes until we hit the line snake shuffle!

  4. Schedule C

    @BBQ that was a brutal beatdown this morning. Loved every minute of it. I love the fact that you didn’t let our HR settle – kept it going the whole time.

    1000 reps. Wow. I saw no benefit to stopping at anything less than 1000. Lets go big or go home.


    1. Posh :p

      @Schedule C -That was you pushing the BBQ and the PAX to keep going to 1000, right?
      If so, thanks. . . I think. 😛
      @BBQ -Thought we got a pass on the mountain climber for the burpee/jump squat ladder over the “mountain” (hill). Thanks for Q’ing

  5. escalade

    My timing could not be worse or better depending on how you look at it.. Great Beatdown BBQ. #ISI aye!

  6. Clueless

    Loved the push through to the end by the Pax… no way we were stopping short of the goal. Good stuff @BBQ!

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