Never too cold for KBs

5 posted in Harrisburg for their weekly dose of kettlebells.

Short mosey (so Tumbler would stop glaring at me)
Windmill x10
ISS x10
Merkins x10

The Thang
3 rounds of 5 sets. Each set consisted of 4 different upper body exercises, with reps of 5/10/15/10/5 (540 total reps)
Round 1
KB Lawn Mowers
Single Arm KB Shoulder Presses
KB Hammer Curls

LBC x20

Round 2
KB Chest Presses
KB Skull Crushers
KB Front Raises
KB Triceps Extensions

Reverse Crunch x20

Round 3
KB High Rows
KB Halo
KB Outhouse Curls

With time to kill, we went round robin for 5 more exercises
KB Lawn Mowers 10x each side (Casper)
KB Straigh Leg Dead Lifts 10x (Tumbler)
Dips 10x (Clueless)
KB Reverse Flys 10x (E.T.)
Slow KB Goblet Squats 10x (Gamma)

LBCs w/KBs x20
Low Flutters w/KBs pressed x20
Side Plank Dips x10 each side
Side PLank Toe Touches x10 each side (Clueless)

COT (prayer requests for Casper’s neighbor dealing battling cancer, quick healing for Starsky following elbow surgery, for Padre on his trip back to Ethiopia and for Wings of Eagles as they embark on a new mission to help disabled veterans)

1. Strong work this morning. All in, we did around over 800 reps.
2. #ProTip – if you think you’ve hit your limit, ask Clueless for one more ab exercise if you want to be pushed even farther.
3. Great to see E.T. out for kettlebells. Said he almost didn’t make it because, being from Mexico City, if he has to wear pants instead of shorts, it’s too cold. Same here, but at a very different threshold…
4. You know you’re running later than usual when Casper’s already there. Hate I missed the weekly screeching into the parking lot on two wheels.
5. Also great to see Tumbler back in the game, albeit it still recovering. For those with kids, you know how quickly illness can take over the house!

Pax tibi,

1 thought on “Never too cold for KBs

  1. Clueless

    Thanks for the solid lead @Gamma! I always look forward to the Friday KB throwdown/beatdown. When we moved to the side plank dips, I was already thinking… I should break out the toe touches some day soon… perfect timing for you wanting one more. Always enjoyable!

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