Standing on a Corner in Winslow, Arizona

8 faithful came out to take it easy. An early scouting trip found no practical access in to the stadium, so we improvised. How hard could it be if you never leave the parking lot?

Mosey across the parking lot and circle up.
Mountain Climbers x20
Air Squats x15
Mericans x10
Lunges x10

Form two teams of 3 and one team of 2
With the full length of the lot, we used a row of islands as our track for relays.
P1 starts running a lap; P2 does Walking Lunges; P3 does Dragon Walks (w/a Merican). Once P1 catches up to P3, he starts the Dragon Walks and P3 runs up to P2 and takes over Walking Lunges; P2 then takes the lap to catch up with P1. Continue until the team has gone the full length of the lot with Dragon Walks. Once completed, the team has done ~100yards of Dragon Walks, ~150 yards of Walking Lunges and a whole lotta running in between.

For round 2, we audibled and got into two 4-man teams.
P1 starts running; P2 does Bear Crawls; P3 does Walking Lunges; P4 does Burpee Broad Jumps; same relay process as above, using completion of the 100 yards of Burpee Broad Jumps as the timer.

Another audible for round 3
P1 and P2 start running, while P3 and P4 Karaoke until P1 and P2 catch up, then switch. Guessing the teams went 3-4 laps.

To Heartbreak Ridge
Backward run up one end of the hill, 10 Jump Lunges, Defensive Slide across the ridge, run down, 10 Merkins, Defensive Slide along the curb back to the starting point. Repeat for a total of 5 cycles

Sprint back to the cars and circle up for Mary
LBC x25
Low Flutter x25
Homer to Marge (courtesy of Schedule C)

COT (Othello takes us out)

Easy Moleskin
1. Thanks for posting this morning. Schedule C told me “I don’t know where you got this workout, but please put it back.” I’ll take that as a pseudo-BS call.
2. According to BBQ’s watch, he went 2.4 miles, so I’d say we were all at least above 2 miles.
3. Had to break up the 2-man team after round 1. Bull and BBQ were crazy fast without a #fleshanchor to hold them back.
4. Was it Posh or Schedule C asking for some singing? Be careful what you ask for – Hootie will be back soon and has had months of IR to learn the rest of his theme song.
5. We’re getting a flash card for Casper – “Leo Sbardella…Casper…48.” Still star gazing from Tuesday?
6. As fast as Othello and I thought we were running in round 3, not sure we would have ever caught Bull and Clueless had they not come back.

Pax tibi,

13 thoughts on “Standing on a Corner in Winslow, Arizona

  1. Hootie

    Such a fine sight to see…We might be on to something here. Could be one of Hootie’s all time favorite belly belting tunes. You may have just opened a can of worms.

  2. Schedule C

    OMG that was brutal this morning. I think me running off at the mouth was my coping mechanism to help me with the pain I was going through. Me no likey. Let’s do it again.

    @Oz would have been happy to see me raze another Q.

    Overall, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Killer work from a killer group of guys. Aye!

  3. BBQ

    @Gamma – Ok, I admit, had to look up what the heck was important about some corner in AZ. Knew the song, just not those lyrics. #thankgoodnessforgoogle #tooyoungforyouoldguys Good one today. Legs are going to be feeling it during the mysterious speedwork tomorrow. #justshowupandrun

    1. Bull2

      @BBQ – Glad google could catch you up on one of the all time classics.
      @Gamma – great workout this morning. I wish I could have made the PAX list – cause I think there was 9.
      @Hootie – time is almost up…hopefully your lungs will allow you to sing and run at the same time.
      @Clueless – good work on Heartbreak Ridge – way to push it all the way through.
      @Oz – I guess today wasn’t your day. See you soon.

      1. Hootie

        @Bull – lungs won’t be an issue…you go and I’ll be right behind you. I’ll sing you this one start to finish as a Welcome Back present…complete with Travis Tritt twang. YHC always felt he was much more suited for country tunes. Where do you think Darius Rucker got his lead?

        Careful what you ask for. The Hootinanny is healing and looking to put a heaping helping of hurting on you fellas.

      2. Clueless

        @Bull – thanks for encouragement to keep me going. I would have stopped at 5 had you not pressed it.

  4. Clueless

    Nothing ‘easy’ about that one Gamma. Kept the heart rate up and the legs are fatigued. Thanks for pushing us!

  5. Posh :p

    Thanks for the beat down. After the bear crawl, the Thai I had last night was trying to find an exit(TMI maybe).
    With some encouragement from the fellas I was able to get’r push it through. 😛

    1. Gamma Post author

      Nice work today, Posh. A merlot splash with Thai seasoning would not have been pretty…thanks for keeping it in.

  6. SoloCup

    @Gamma: Sorry I missed your Q. It was cold… my alarm clock didn’t go off… I had to be a work at 8… and some other excuses for #FartSacking

    @BBQ: No need to worry about the HB Mafia. We, being the seedy underbelly of Harrisburg, are lurking in the shadows.

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