Frogger with Blocks

Iron fist pax had some fun dodging traffic this morning whilst carrying heavy things.

Warm up-Grab a block and mosey to the hill across the street

-10-1 ladder carrying the block- 10 clean and press at the top, 1 merkin with block at the bottom- run backwards up the hill. Downhill mary while we wait for the 6- low flutter followed by high slow flutter.

-mosey to the high wall- wall sits with block on lap- 45 seconds, 10 merkins, 30 seconds, 10 merkins, 15 seconds, 10 merkins

-mosey to base of the stairs and partner up-12 upright rows at the bottom, partner wheelbarrow to the top, 10 jump squats each at the top, run around the right and back to the start-go through 4 times total per team.

Mary while we wait for the 6- mason twist

-circle merk

-partner derkins and partner throw downs-10 each-3 sets each

-Attempt to get cruisers to return our blocks. To no avail, we had to return our own.


  1. I really enjoyed seeing such a big group at Iron Fist on a sub 30 degree morning. I remember starting this workout a while back when I was having knee problems and wanted something that involved little to no running. Really glad to see that it is still around!
  2. @Google- We will be praying for your MRI today brother. You are truly dedicated (or crazy) posting regularly with a torn ACL-rest up and get better so you can come back even stronger afterwards.
  3. @Buckwheat-T-claps on carrying the block over your head on the way down the hill during the ladder.-at least I think that was you- You get extra credit!
  4. @Pongo-you’re doing great, just keep posting regularly and you’ll be running circles around the younger guys in no time.
  5. @Pax-great job to everyone, you all worked really hard out there.



6 thoughts on “Frogger with Blocks

  1. Gangsta's Paradise

    Awesome beatdown @Magma! Loved/hated incorporating so much movement with the cinderblocks. Definitely feeling it afterwards!

    @Buckwheat – thanks for partnering up this morning sir. Hope the hip feels better.

    @Google – hope the MRI goes well today. We mentioned it before, but Dr. Dockery is the name of the orthopedic surgeon at OrthoCarolina. He specializes in ACL repair (did my surgery), so highly recommend him!

  2. The Farm

    I thought that was a typo when I saw Google posting at Tradition. Didn’t know about the injury but hope you’re better soon brother! I was supposed to cruise this morning, but the clutches of the fartsack were too strong.

    1. Dutch

      Magma good beat down today, I was coming in expecting 10 Burpee’s for the warm o Rama like I remembered from last time. Glad to be surprised. Tough workout and Murdoch keep posting brother you will get stronger!
      good to see the Highland Creek brothers as well

  3. Google

    @thefarm.. No typo..Iron Fist will be my new home on Wednesday since I blew my tire. While I will miss cruising in Highlands with the gazelles, nothing really to complain about since you boys at Tradition have a nice AO with a lot of new shiny toys( errr…cinder blocks) and a Pull Up bar that we get to play with!

    @magma.. Thanks for the lead today! That first ladder was brutal!

    @Gangta’s Paradise thanks for the referral on the doc that got you straight, I will definitely check him out.

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