Seniors Citizens B.O.M.B.

8 of Tradition’s most senior members met for a total body kettle bell beatdown in near perfect conditions in late January (low 40’s, no wind or precipitation). VSF was planted by Guinness and we got to work. Things went a little something like this…

Warm up

Toy Soldiers
Mosey around parking lot
High Knees
Power Skips

Wind Mill X10 IC
Cotton Pickers X10 IC
Arm Circles
Hamstring Stretch

The Thang: 5 sets of 9 exercises (Reps Per Set- 1:20/ 2:10/ 3:5/ 4:8/ 5:10, scratch that -15!)
Kettle Bell Swings – 20/10/5/8/15
Standing Shoulder Press – 20/10/5/8/15
Sumo High Pull – 20/10/5/8/20
Curls – 20/10/5/8/15
One Arm Row – 20/10/5/8/15
Goblet Squats – 20/10/5/8/15
Skull Crushers – 20/10/5/8/15
Chest Press – 20/10/5/8/15
Pullovers – 20/10/5/8/15

SSH x 10IC, Merkins x 10IC, LBC’s X 10IC– after sets 1-4 (skipped after set 5 due to time)

Airborne Mindbender 30 sec.
Pretzel Crunch X10 each side IC


Where were all of our younger pax members this morning? I know a couple are laid up with injuries. I don’t recall the last time I was the war baby…
Nice work this morning men. We made it through all 5 rounds with a few extra reps on the last set. Thanks for the suggestion, Hammer!
This workout was a Phantom special at Highlands a while ago. It looked tough, so I decided to replicate it with just a few minor modifications. I’m definitely feeling it right now and hope you are too!
Thanks for bringing us home at the end, Guinness.

2 thoughts on “Seniors Citizens B.O.M.B.

  1. Buckwheat Post author

    Not much time for mumble chatter this morning (except for Hammer at the end). Way to work through all five sets and throw in those extra reps at the end!

  2. Maximus_MECA

    Nice job Buckwheat doubling down as both War baby and Q! I liked the senior citizen’s aspect… instead of getting 10% off the bill you added 10% more reps to our final set. That’s the kind of senior citizen’s premium I like. 🙂 Much appreciated in pushing us.

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